It’s time for the contestants to pull up their socks as Big Switch 4 reaches the Semi Finals


By K. Ashwin Mob: 00919920183006 E-mail:

As the show approaches it’s second last stage, the Raeeszaade gear up to win the tag and prove themselves. This week Big Brother reunites the friends who were eliminated earlier. While Vidur was greeted with open arms by the Raeeszade, others had to deal with the cold vibes. Jasica is in no mood to favor Abhi who was the culprit for showing her the exit from the show.

The Raeeszade step in the semi final zone, this time the task being Lumberjacks. They get all set to accomplish the job which will lead their way to the finals with the help of the old buddies. They are seen working hard, struggling to learn the techniques. While some old friends remain friends and help, others have crumbled under the game.

As the contestants reach their base camp from the tough job, they are greeted with a pleasant surprise. The Big Brother has organized a jungle party for them. All’s well that ends well. But, Big Brother has more surprises coming in the next day! Seems like it is their day full of surprises!

As the sun rises, the surprise is followed by elimination. The Raeeszaade reach the deliberation, awaiting the result. Are the surprises a disguised version of shocks? Who makes it to the finals of Big Switch 4? Will Chandigarh Chillers lose a contestant or will Mumbai Show stoppers get completely wiped out? Hold your breaths while the show reaches the Finale to unfold the winner of Semi Finals!

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