PVR & Soch Foods LLP tie-up makes Munchilicious Granola the healthy & happy snacking ‘Binge Mate’ for PVR Luxe patrons Get yourself a festive bag in PVR Luxe from 25th to 29th October, 2019 during a Housefull Diwali weekend


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To cater to health conscious film lovers, Soch Foods LLP announced a strategic partnership with PVR Cinemas wherein Munchilicious, a delicious, healthy and crunchy granola-cereal brand will become the ‘Binge-Mate’ of all PVR Luxe patrons during this festive season. During a ‘Housefull Diwali’ weekend, Munchilicious presents a healthy and a happy pack of entertainment to all PVR Luxe patrons in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai.

From 25th to 29th October 2019, PVR Luxe patrons in above cities will get a festive bag of Munchilicious – Healthy and tasty granola cereal power- packed with nutrients like proteins, fiber and vitamins–making it the best companion during the movie. The Festive Bag also contains a festive coupon code, which can be redeemed on the website www.munchilicious.com for a 20% discount for the next purchase of these healthy and tasty Munchilicious snacks. The distribution will be done by two promoters of Munchilicious in every Audi wearing traditional dress and wishing the patrons a happy and healthy Diwali.

Mr. Rohit Mohan Pugalia, Partner & CEO, Soch Foods LLP, said, “Today, many consumers are looking for the ideal ‘Binge Mate’ while binging on movies. Munchilicious Granola cereals are the ideal ‘all time binging choice’ because they are rich in nutrients, fiber and vitamins and is made with upto 91% nuts, seeds & fruits; gluten free with no added oil or sugar. We aim to connect to the youth and young-at-hearts in order to spread awareness about the benefits of granola resulting in sheer delight. After all, Munchilicious is the ‘any-time-snack for a healthier India’.”

Munchilicious is part of Soch Foods LLP that aims to usher in a healthy food lifestyle in general and particularly for the new-age health conscious as well as time-starved working professionals. Over a quick period of time, Munchilicious has made its way to leading retail platforms across India such as Nature’s Basket, Spencers, More, Amazon, Flipkart and many more. Presently, Munchilicious is available in the popular variants of Dried Fruits, Original and Dark Chocolate. Consumers enjoy Munchilicious Granola standalone directly out of the box and also with milk, ice-cream, yogurt, smoothies and protein shakes amongst others.

About Soch Foods LLP

Food for thought, = thought for food! On an entrepreneurial journey and having converted his passion for food, Mr. Rohit Mohan Pugalia and his better half Mrs. Purvi Rohit Pugalia started Soch Foods LLP with a small “Soch” (thought) of providing healthy snacking options. The company was created from a thought that arose after the team’s observation of healthy eating patterns of fitness-conscious Indians. Soch Foods LLP was incorporated on 2nd May 2016. Though they started as a home kitchen company, today they are manufacturing and exporting healthy granola snacks under the brand name “Munchilicious” to many countries. Munchilicious is a healthy mid-meal snacking brand of Soch Foods LLP that promotes healthy snacking. It currently has 3 delicious variants of Granola. The munchies come power-packed with nutrition and “just-fall-in-love-taste” that even your palate welcomes with a warm heart! It is also available on munchilicious.com




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