Premier of “Patte Khul Gaye”, directed by Rakes Bedi starring Bollywood Icons,


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Left-Anant Mahadevan , Middle Avijit Dutt, Right Rakesh Bedi

India’s leading theater production company Felicity Theatre brings to you an extraordinary comedy – “Patte Khul Gaye”, Written & Directed by the highly acclaimed film, television and theatre personality Rakesh Bedi. After writing many thought provoking plays like “Mera Woh Matlab  Nahi Tha” , “Shimla Coffee House”  ,“Jab We Separated” , and many other blockbusters, Rakesh Bedi is all set to dazzle theatre lovers with yet another  spectacular theatrical experience.

Roopali Ganguly

An ingenious, funny and brilliantly enacted masterpiece, ‘Patte Khul Gaye’ is a hilarious expose of the hypocrisies in middle class society. This rib tickling comedy with a large dose of bollywood glamour starring Anant Mahadevan, Roopali Ganguli, Kishwar Merchant, Avijit Dutt, Jyoti Singhal And Rakesh Bedi amongs others, is all set to delight audiences for the first time in New Delhi, with its premier on Saturday 12th October 2019 at Kamani Auditorium.

Writer & Director Rakesh Bedi Says,Patte Khul Gaye” is an expose of the hypocracies and double standards in our society. Whenever we stare into adversity, we drop our guard and our true selves emerge. The play depicts that there are many layers behind every person and when situations arise even there closest friends and relatives are shocked at the person who they think, they know.

Rahul Bhuchar, Producer & MD, Felicity Theatre elaborates “It gives me great pleasure to present  an ensemble cast of veterans from Bollywood and theatre on one stage. Producing ‘Patte Khul Gaye’ has truly been a special experience for us and I am sure it will be well appreciated by the discerning audiences in Delhi”.

Patte Khul Gaye is a story of  Dr. Manoj Rai (Anant Mahadevan) and his wife Manju Rai (Roopali Ganguli) who have invited their close group of friends for dinner. Manju has planned a sumptuous menu for the past three days and an elaborate dinner has been prepared for this much awaited  evening. With their very old friend ‘Bob’ comes along an affluent  lady ‘Shireen’ (Kishwar Merchant) who is extremely rich and does not belong to the middle class strata, like the rest of them.

Within no time lots of masks start falling off and embarrassing secrets of one and all start tumbling out to the fore. The ultra rich Shireen exposes the middle class values and hypocrisies of the others and condescendingly exposes their pitiable condition. She also tells them how the middle class is always showing off what it has and hiding under the carpet what it does not! The lady of the house Manju refuses to buy this argument and takes Shireen head on and strongly defends the great Indian middle class.

Unexpected situations start arising and the poor hostess Manju who has toiled for three days for this dinner is unable to even serve the starters as the dinner and the party goes for a toss. To top it all one of the guests  “Akela” (Rakesh Bedi) who is a poet comes out with a funny couplet at the drop of a hat, to ease tense moments. Laced with hilarious situations “Patte Khul Gaye” is an unbelievable comic journey full of unpredictable twists and turns that is sure to leave you in splits! “Patte Khul Gaye” is a must see laugh riot and is guaranteed to entertain audiences of all ages…

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