An initiative to rejuvenate Kalamkari and Khadi saree this Independence Day


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Ms. Sunita Budhiraja- Kalamkari

Face book Campaign Six Yards and 365 days which is a step to preserve our handloom heritage & empowering Indian women celebrated India’s 73rdIndependence Day by wearing symbolic Khadi sarees worldwide. Group members draped their exquisite Kalamkari sarees on the National Handloom Day. 1000s of members participated in this campaign worldwide and stood for the national heritage of handloom weaves. Members held their meetings clad in their colorful Khadis and Kalamkari sarees across the country and also overseas.

Bangalore- Kalamkari

Six Yards and 365 Days Members showed their solidarity and love towards handlooms on these two days. Group Meetings were held in Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Ranchi in India and San Jose in California, USA and Dubai.

California- Kalamkari

Speaking about the initiative, Ms Sunita Budhiraja, noted Hindi author and poet, who started the handloom ‘Saree Initiative’ four years ago said, “This was our symbolic participation in the Independence Day and National Handloom Day celebrations. Our weavers and artisans sweat out to create the magic of six yards with their hands. It is now for us to pay tribute to them by draping their magnificent creations and create demand for their weaves. Our members worldwide participated in the activities of promoting handloom sarees and came out in their Khadi – to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and Kalamkaris to show their respect for the weavers and artisans. Several thousand members took part in this symbolic tribute to our heritage in different parts of the world. Our next big Meet would be in Banaras in September, where members of Six Yards will be joining from many countries.”

Dubai- Kalamkari

Ms Aditi Mukherjee and Ms Sohini Ray from Kolkata have been supporting the campaign which has now taken the shape of a movement crossing 30,000 members worldwide.

Spinning and weaving was elevated to an ideology for self-reliance and self governance.  Following Mahatma Gandhi ideology, Six yards and 365 days has encouraged thousands of young women to wear Khadi and continue to inspire and amaze people around the globe by showcasing Indian heritage.

Facebook Campaign Six yards and 365 days is not only limited to virtual platform but also has been promoting Indian heritage and handloom weavers in real life. The idea of this campaign is to encourage women to drape the six yards all the 365 days of the year thereby supporting the weavers which henceforth creates demand for handloom sarees.  This initiative has gone beyond that objective and it has created a community of women, who join hands to support each other emotionally.


Ms. Sunita Budhiraja started the ‘saree movement’, a Facebook campaign in sync with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative in August 2015. The group now comprises over 30,000 handloom saree lovers from across the world and counting. Each member of the group religiously drapes handloom saree every day.

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