Understanding Amphibians and Reptiles with Dr. Varad Giri- SGNP


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Two Day Certificate Course Organized by Sanjay Gandhi National Park and NIDUS

Amphibians and reptiles are one of the most neglected groups of vertebrates. In India more 50% herpes are endemic and many are known from a small geographical area.

One of the problems for this group is lack of proper literature for their identification. Much of our understanding is based on historical or recently published literature but most of it is in the form of scientific publications. The studies on Indian amphibians and reptiles have been metamorphosing from the last two decades. Although vital component of the biodiversity, this group was never adored by nature lovers as they lack the aesthetic value which most charismatic species have. It was mainly due to the myths associated with them and lack of awareness.


In view of the above-mentioned issues, we started conducting the awareness programs and this workshop is one such initiative. In these workshops we provide scientific training to the participants. This module is mainly based on our long-term association and understanding about the amphibians and reptiles of India. This will be a fun-filled but equally strenuous exercise accompanied by simple and interactive ways. One of the main aims of these workshops is to generate a base-line team of experts who will utilize this training to start a serious study on amphibians and reptiles in their place or be a part of any scientific explorations.


I assure you that the time you spent in this workshop will be fruitful

Local Co-ordinator: Sanjay Gandhi National (SGNP), Nature Information Center (NIC) Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Varad B. Giri, NIDUS


Date:- July 13 & 14 2019

Time:- Saturday- 7.00 AM-10.00 PM

Sunday – 7.00 AM-8.00 PM


Course Fees:

Students (16 to 21 yrs) = 3600 per head

Book your seat here- https://sgnpsouvenirshop.mahaonline.gov.in/OnlineShopping/EventManagement/EventBooking/SGNP-3499


Adults (21 yrs and above) = 4600 per head

Book your seat here-https://sgnpsouvenirshop.mahaonline.gov.in/OnlineShopping/EventManagement/EventBooking/SGNP-3527



(Fee includes charges for tuition’s, food, accommodation, Internal Transport, Trail fees, National park fees, Forest permission, course material in soft copy format and certificate)


Participants have to reach Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai on or Saturday morning.

Note: In this workshop no animal handling, especially snakes will be taught or will be allowed.

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