Orgasm inequality: A major factor for Infidelity


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Orgasm Inequality, ever heard of that term before? Well, we all must be aware of it but hardly anyone keeps it into consideration. In most of the cases the women are at the receiving end of it and men, well they really don’t care.

This male dominant society has always been about catering to the egos and self-esteem of men and the intercourse sessions are no different. While making love, all men are worried about is their pleasure and satisfaction but what about the other person involved? Isn’t she entitled to the same pleasure and bliss a man enjoys while having sex?

Sexual satisfaction plays a major role in relationships and it’s a well-known and documented fact that female orgasm is more difficult to achieve, as it requires also psychological components besides the physical arousal. Foreplay are often necessary to trigger it, yet unfortunately, a vast majority of men don’t give it enough importance. In fact, according to statistics, 70% of women don’t orgasm every time they have sex.  The bigger problem is that most of them stay quite or fake an orgasm in order to feed the male egos of their respective partners or just to save their marriages.

In the present era, where we host talks about men and women equality and freedom, sexual stability should also be a prominent talking point. The women who are devoid of sexual pleasures from their spouses tend to more often than not be unfaithfulThis decision sometimes is more of a need than desire. Indian women are quite conservative when it comes to their marriages but they cannot ignore their sexual needs as well. A recent study by Gleeden showed how sex is the number one reason for 21% of Indian women to become unfaithful. Also, 77% of Indian women cheat because they are bored of their monotonous married life and most of the encounters happen on business trips about 52%.

In fact, for women facing such problems, Gleeden is providing a platform in India where like-minded people can interact and help each other overcome help each other overcome the dissatisfaction in their life. At least, the one that occurs under the blankets.


If the above story interests you, we can work together to knit a story around the same. Gleeden will be more than happy to provide you with data or stats for your story. Will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the same.


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