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16 Game of Thrones Merchandise For Every G.O.T Fanatic.

Many of us have been living and breathing the Game of Thrones Series. We know this legendary show is soon going to bid adieu to us. But are we prepared to say goodbye yet? We sure are not! Whether it is John Snow’s resurrection or Cersei’sevil tricks, we are never getting over its cliffhangers or sudden deaths. Deep in our hearts, we know that ‘Winter Is Here’ and soon enough this fantasy world is going to fade. Regardless, we wish it could stay with us forever.
If you are equally obsessed with GOT as we are, then here are the Game of Thrones collectibles that you must own. This is how the Game Of Thrones will stay in your heart forever!

The Iron Throne

The Army of the Dead is here and it’s time to claim the throne before the Night King arrives at Kings Landing. Here is an Iron Throne miniature-cum-mobile phone stand that delves you into the GOT feels. Gift this miniature to your friend or simply use it as a mobile stand for your side table. Be the rightful heir of this Iron Throne miniature.


 Game of Thrones T-shirts

The spirit of GOT is already on a rise! The battle has begunand we feel even crazier. Buy these Game of Thrones T-shirts with sigils and famous quotes written over them. You can also gift this awesome GOT merchandise to your friends and watch the finale together.


The World of Ice and Fire

We all have a friend who is a GOT fanatic as well as a reading buff. If you know someone like that, then what would be the best gift than gifting them a GOT themed book? Better yet, gift one to yourself. Amp up your knowledge about the mystical world of the seven kingdoms. Find new theories and impress your friends with the deep dark secrets of the seven kingdoms. Get this awesome GOT merchandise from Amazon now!


Eclectic Sigil Necklaces

Are you bound by the Khaleesi’s powers? Or do you vow to stay loyal to the house of Winterfell? These antique Sigil necklaces are the perfect Game of Thrones gifts for anyone obsessed with the show. The best part is that these necklaces are Unisexual.You can decide whether you wish to be an Aegon or a Daenerys Targaryen. ThisGame of Thrones jewellery boasts the Sigils of Targaryens, Lannisters, and Starks. So, buy your favourite GOT Sigil Necklace and support the house you wish to see on the Iron Throne.


Hand of The King

We know being a hand of the king comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you believe that one of your friends could be your hand for life, then gift them this classic Game of Thrones collectible today. Your friend will know the importance of your friendship and treasure this GOT gift forever. You can also buy this antique hand of the king for yourself and keep it as a GOT souvenir.


Ale Horn Glass

Spoilers Alert!Remember Tormund Giantsbane from beyond the wall? In the recentlyaired episode of GOT Season 8, he spills the beans about his power when he drinks from a horn. Get ready to be an extraordinary version of yourself when you drink from this awesome Ale Horn Glass. You can also throw a Game of Thrones theme party and add this Horn Glass to get your guests excited.


Night King Mask

The Night King has finally arrived at Winterfell! And its time you scare the hell out of your friends in this Night King Mask. Lead the Army of the Dead and drown into the fever of the GOT finale. This is a perfect Game of Thrones gift for a real GOT fanatic.


Iron Throne Decal Sticker

Give your home décor a Game of Thrones makeover with this Iron Decal Sticker. Deck up your toilet seat or stick it on your bedroom wall. Be the king of your very own kingdom with the awesome GOT decal stickers.


Game of Thrones Shot Glasses

Take a shot and see the gruesome upcoming battle between the Army of the Dead and the Undead. These ceramic shot glasses are one of the most popular Game of Thrones gifts in the market. Representing the sigils of the house of Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen and Lannister, these GOT shot glasses are perfect for a fanatic GOT evening.


 Game of Thrones Dragon Claw Glass

Remember Melisandre drinking from a dragon claw glass in the Chamber of Dragonstone? Add this GOT souvenir to your collection and sip while you watch the latest episodes. A perfect gift for a GOT buff, this Dragon Claw Glass can be your companion ‘when the night is dark and full of terrors’.


 Game of Thrones Music Box

Obsessed with GOT’s title track? If yes, then buy this Game of Thrones-themed music box that can fill in your dreams with its soft music. Hum to the enchanting tune of GOT with this souvenir.


Game of Thrones Playing Cards

The mystical world created by George RR Martin has already overwhelmed us. But to give the GOT fanatics a real-world thrill, we have the GOT playing cards for you. This deck of cards has Varys and Petyr Baelish as jokers while the power couples; Khal & Khaleesi, Robert, and Cersei are the faces of the kings and queens. Plan a get together on the finale of GOT and enjoy the game of the seven kingdoms with your friends.


Game of Thrones Map Poster

Sometimes it gets too difficult to keep a track of people and places when watching GOT. To solve the purpose, we are here with a GOT poster that you can refer whenever watching or reading the series. This detailed map poster represents every house in the realm of the seven kingdoms. Deck up your living room with itto add an antique touch with this intricate map poster.


Game of Thrones Edition Monopoly

Now play the real-life Game of Thrones with this newest edition of monopoly. It is inclusive of a Game Board, 6 Collectible Tokens, 28 Title Deed Cards, 16 Valar Morghulis cards, 16 Iron Throne cards, 2 Dice, 32 Villages, 12 Keeps, 1 pack of Custom Game of Thrones Money, and Rules. Whereas the tokens are designed as a Direwolf, Dragon Egg, White Walker, Three-Eyed Raven, Crown & The Iron Throne. Its time you rule the GOT houses with this Game of Thrones Edition Monopoly.


Ice and Fire GOT Mug

Winter has finally arrived and it’s time for you to stay safe and warm. Sip and watch the unfolding of this season’s biggest drama. These awesome Ice and Fire GOT mugs are available in the variants of Stark and Targaryen symbols. Drink your coffee like the king and the queen whilewatching the upcoming battle between the dead and the undead.


Game of Thrones 3D Pop Keychains

Love Jon Snow or hate Cersei, these Game of Thrones characters have become our perfect frenemies. Delve into the spirit of GOT this season with these Game of Thrones 3D Pop Keychains. These cute little keychains come in the figures of Jon Snow andKhaleesi. Gift this GOT merchandise to your friends and make them feel special.



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