‘A Page in the Book Of My Lifhttp://www.indianshowbiz.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpe’ an Exquisite Art Exhibit Unveiled at Pullman New Delhi Aerocity


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Coinciding with the India Art Fair, Artist Playground by Pullman New Delhi Aerocity is delighted to present a group of contemporary artists in collaboration with Gallery Latitude 28. The show is gripping, topical and exhilarating. The show exposes people from various corners of society to art and culture that are accessible to all. The artworks provoke the spectator to see the day-to-day life reconstructed that usually in the humdrum loses its aesthetic value. It imbibes everyday objects and draws meanings from the memories of the past and the present. The diverse artistic expression and mediums converge into a rich contemporary landscape.

The exhibit will showcase the work of a group of contemporary artists, Anupama Alias, Rajita Schade, Seema Kohli, Radhika Agarwala, Baiju Parthan, Waswo X Waswo, Mohsin Shafi, Arun Kumar HG, Sarika Mehta, Bhagyanath C, Vineha Sharma, Bose Krishnamachari, Sudipta Das and Elancheziyan S. The captivating artworks are topical, edgy and provocative that draws inspiration from life as one knows or imagines it. The exhibit is open for visitors and guests at the lower ground floor of the luxury hotel from 3rd February to 3rd April 2019.

Commenting on the inauguration of the art exhibit, Mr Tristan Beau De Lomenie – General Manager Delegate, Pullman and Novotel New Delhi Aerocity said, “Artist Playground at Pullman New Delhi Aerocity is a platform that encourages artists from India and overseas to exhibit their design, art, photography and local culture. We are elated to unveil our next edition “A Page in the book of my Life” that will capture the essence of life. Through this, we intend to support artists by showcasing their spectacular pieces to art enthusiasts in the city.”

Artist Playground is an initiative intended to add elements of local interest, cultural intrigue and visual ingenuity to the hotel’s communal space. It is an innovative and inspiring concept which comprises a permanent art space in the magnificent hotel. The upscale hotel known for its elegance and convenience is sure to have its guests and visitors spellbound with the spirited artworks of the artists that complement the luxury and design of the hotel. The diverse display of paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations are a representation of the ideas, imagination and varied genres of creative expression of the artists around the year.

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