Hollywood Actor Laurie Calvert gets inked from Aliens Tattoo


By Ashok Punatar Mobile: 09820746494 Email: ashokpunatar@gmail.com

Laurie Calvert, the charming lead actor from the recent movie Lucid, The Quiet Ones, Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies, the EPISODES etc. gets his full left arm inked by Sunny Bhanushali, Artist and Owner at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai, India.

Laurie flew to Mumbai especially to get this tattoo from Sunny. “I am absolutely in love with his work. Since the time I’ve given him my brief, he has amazed me with his creativity and work. We are now one session down and looking at two more sessions this week. It is wonderful to connect with Sunny.” – says Laurie.

His full sleeve tattoo is all about roses. Sunny has custom designed a full sleeve theme based on realistic black and grey roses which just look amazing. The design is based on Laurie’s brief about why he is tattooing just roses.

Laurie Calvert, Actor says “I’ve always liked things for a while and the unliking them. My mind never stayed stable enough to like one particular thing for long, but Roses – they are the only thing I’ve loved all my life. The first word I said was ‘plant’ when I was a child. Hence, I chose a rose that to 9 in particular as it’s by birth date and Sunny has given an all new edge to it.”

Sunny Bhanushali, Founder and Tattoo Artist, Aliens Tattoo Studio says – “It’s great connecting with Laurie. He is an incredible person, extremely humble and down to earth. He gave me complete freedom to work on his concept which was the best.”

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