Investment banker Sujaya Moghepadhye of Jaya Foundation presents Sneh – an initiative featuring Love is in the Air by Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts


By Vivek K. Mobile: 09920183006

Every day we observe anomalies in our society and wish for betterment, yet again somewhere in our busy minds, we do nothing else but ‘keep wishing‘. If our society and the world at large should get any better, we have to ‘wish’ less and ‘do’ more.

With this thought, we, a group of ‘busy’ individuals have come together to do something which is the purpose of everyone’s lives which we know but don’t acknowledge i.e to bring back smiles on the faces of those deprived and underserved, to serve those who for no fault of their own have got affected by a deadly disease; Cancer. Jaya Foundation is an NGO serving patients battling cancer.

Reasons to attend the concert

1. Funds raised will be used for serving the so called weaker section of the society, Women and Children battling cancer.

2. ‘Love is in the air’ is an aerial contemporary dance production by the SNDA, an internationally acclaimed performance worth experiencing.

3. Guilt free spend for an entertaining evening contributing to the smiles of many needful underprivileged.

Where: Balgandharva Rangmandir, Bandra, Mumbai

When: December 7, 2018

Time: 8 pm

Tickets: Ranging from Rs.299 – Rs.499


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