‘Sealed Lips cast and crew at IFFI 2018


By Stephen Fernandes Mobile: 9820707327 Email: stevfern@gmail.com

Actress Barbara Schnitzer, Swetlana Schonfeld, Director Bernd Bohlich, Cinematographer Thomas Planert of the IFFI 2018 Closing film ‘Sealed Lips’ interacted with media at IFFI on November 27, 2018.

Directorate of Film Festivals said, “Over the years, German have carved a niche for themselves in world cinema.We are ecstatic to have one such film from Germany as the Closing Film ..

This thrilling movie takes you back in time to the 1930 Soviet Union, where a young German Communist , Antonia Berge , is accused of being a spy and sent to a labour camp. Once she is released from the gulag in 1952, she returns to the East German Socialist state along with her daughter. Ultimately, She is forced to to keep her past life hidden for the sake of her and her family’s freedom.

However, as soon her life seems to be going as planned, the plot thickens and her freedom is once again lost in the dark. From then on begins a journey where she struggles to make the choice between the lesser of the two evils, her dark past or the bleak future.

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