Sakra World Hospital conducts ‘Hands-on-Hysteroscopy’ workshop


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Dr. Shanthala Thuppanna, Consultant - Gynecological Laparoscopic surgeon, Sakra World Hospital addressing the audience.

Sakra World Hospital, in association with FOGSI Endoscopy Committee, conducted ‘Hands-on-Hysteroscopy’ workshop today. The workshop was attended by 6 PG students and 55 medical practitioners from different hospitals. The workshop aims to strengthen the practitioner’s knowledge in see-and-treat Hysteroscopy and help to deal with the rising issues in the diagnosis of inner lining problems of uterus.

The important causes of menstrual irregularities are commonly due to hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), obesity, fibroids, polyps, infections, cancer and medications; out of which obesity reports are more than the other causes. All these problems lead to hormonal changes leading to uterine inner lining and the muscle layer problems.

India has reported as high as 36% prevalence of PCOS among adolescent girls. There are drastic changes observed in the present generation – from healthy eating habits to poor eating habits, stressful life and sedentary lifestyle, which are of major concerns for increasing menstrual problems. Menstrual dysfunction is a common cause of referral to the gynaecology clinic and the problem has a considerable impact on the health status and the quality of life of women.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Shanthala Thuppanna, Consultant – Gynecological Laparoscopic surgeon at Sakra World Hospital said, “With the rising menstrual dysfunction complaints, it became imperative that gynaecologists have faster and better treatment methodologies. Hysteroscopy has helped gynaecologists, to see and treat at the same time, the inner lining problems of the uterus more accurately with a less invasive method.”

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