#MeToo campaign is a fad, says non-feature film jury head


By Stephen Fernandes Mobile: 9820707327 Email: stevfern@gmail.com

#MeToo campaign is a fad, aimed at attracting publicity and getting mileage and will recede with time, Vinod Ganatra, who heads the seven-member non-feature film jury at the 49th International Film Festival of India

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the ongoing festival, Ganatra said the #MeToo campaign got attention because of people who are keen on fanning the phenomenon.

“It is a fad which has come with time. It is a chance to get publicity and mileage. It will not last. What is authentic will last. What is not authentic will disappear. There are people who encourage it,” Ganatra said.


It must be noted that filmmakers and actors have been ousted in the #MeToo movement and  have faced serious consequencesincluding being removed from festival committees,

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