‘The Aspern Papers’ will open IFFI 2018; whole cast to attend premiere at the festival


By Stephen Fernandes Mobile: 9820707327 Email: stevfern@gmail.com

The 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) will open with the World Premiere of ‘The Aspern Papers’ with international star cast. The film’s lead actor – Golden Globe Award winner Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, will attend the screening

The whole cast will be present for its premiere at the festival. Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys Meyers (lead actor), Golden Globe nominated actress Joely Richardson (lead actress), Julia Robins (actress), Morgane Polanski (actress ) – daughter of Roman Polanski, Nicolas Hau (actor) Julien Landais (director) will be present at the screening.

The Aspern Papers is the first feature from director Julien Landais and is adapted from the novella by Henry James, which is based on the letters Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote to Mary Shelley’s stepsister Claire Clairmont. The film stars Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Joely Richardson and her mother – six time Oscar nominee and Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave.

The Aspern Papers is co-written by Jean Pavans, Julien Landais and Hannah Bhuiya. It is a film about manipulation on both sides. First is the manipulation of the narrator of the film Morton Vint, played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, who finds an old lover of Jeffrey Aspern, a famous American writer that is now dead. The iconic, romantic poet is played by the handsome Jon Kortajarena. The old woman is played by Vanessa Redgrave who gives a convincing performance as a bitter old dying woman. Her niece, whom she dominates is played masterfully by Joely Richardson.

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