Silent Candle March For AVNI (T1) Who Was Shot Dead; Animal Lovers Agitated Ably Supported by- Vijay Mohanani, Fiza Shah, Gurpreet Kaur Chadda, Sada Sayyed, Poonam Khanna.


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The nation mourn over Tigress Avni (T1) death which ignite the debate over how animals are always on the receiving end when it comes to human-animal conflicts

The silent candle march saw the presence of Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, Vijay Mohanani, Advocate Poonam Khanna, Nitin Nandgaonkar, Fiza Shah, Sadaa Sayed, Kittu Gidwani and many others.

Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, Nitin Nandgonkar, Vijay Mohanani, Advocate Poonam Khanna, Fiza Shah, Sadaa Sayed, during SILENT CANDLE MARCH FOR AVNI (T1)

The five-year-old tigress was shot dead on Friday night from near a road in Borati village by Asgar Ali Khan. The death of Avni leaves her two young cubs who are around 10-months-old, vulnerable, as the hunt team is yet to capture them or devise any solid plan to rehabilitate them.

DISPUTE- Officially, AVNI is T1, a deadly tigress weighing about 300 pounds believed responsible for 13 deaths over the last 2 years as she prowls through the forests of Yavatmal in Maharashtra.

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