Baaya Design Collaborates with Craft Béton


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Pramiti Madhavji (Founder, The Blue Pencil Design Company) & Sundeep Kumar (CEO, Craft Beton)

Baaya Design, a home décor store, and design studio takes inspiration from the rich legacy in our culture, to create striking modern interpretations. Be it an elegant fusion of traditional crafts, contemporary aesthetics and modern functionality for a luxurious and homely experience, Baaya Design continuously tries to weave together a new story that becomes an extension to their consumer’s legacy. To highlight this philosophy, Baaya Design collaborated with Craft Béton to launch a store in store to showcase the upbeat and one of a kind collection by the brand.

Shibani Jain (Founder & CEO, Baaya Design) & Sundeep Kumar (CEO, Craft Beton)

Craft Béton is an eclectic brand with extraordinary design sensibilities which utilizes cement, to recreate various art pieces by the hands of internationally acclaimed designers. Baaya recognizes the modern, yet traditional methodology adopted by Craft Béton, which is synonymous with Baaya’s approach to design, making this a fruitful association.

To commemorate this special partnership, Baaya hosted a discussion on ‘Stories on Design – Living your Dream’. Sundeep Kumar, CEO of Craft Béton was in conversation with Pramiti Madhavji, Founder, The Blue Pencil Design Company. The design mavericks shared their personal journeys in the domain of interiors and design. The biggest take away from the discussion was the importance of a personal touch that one can lend to their home and its interiors.

“Baaya Design was built as a platform to showcase different yet appealing contemporary creations. The brand has always conceptualized and created personalized and tasteful interiors where traditional meets contemporary. Baaya Design has always stood for unique and tasteful interiors, we felt that the latest Craft Béton Collection echoes the exact same design sensibilities that we as a brand believe in. We welcome the Craft Béton family on board and are looking forward to a fruitful association.” shared Shibani Jain, Founder, CEO, Baaya Design.

Sundeep Kumar, CEO, Craft Béton, shared, “Design language in India has evolved today it comprises of a perfect marriage of aesthetics, functionality and aspirational value. Keeping this in mind we found the most ideal partner in Baaya Design who is the perfect definition of this sentiment I hold. We are honoured that our latest Craft Béton Collection is being showcased and retailed from the Baaya showroom. We look forward to more fruitful associations in the future with Baaya Design.”

At the launch, Pramiti Madhavji, Founder, The Blue Pencil Design Company, congratulated the two collaborators and shared her personal journey into interiors. “I feel every home whether eclectic or not needs to have a personal touch of those living in them. And this should never be compromised.” She further elaborated that some of the best interiors are those that have been designed keeping in mind the user-friendly aspect of the concerned piece of furniture, artifact or home decor object, rather than being high on aesthetic value.

The ‘Craft Béton Collection 2018’ is now Available At The Baaya Showroom, Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013

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