Singer Soumita Saha opposes Politicization of Sanitary Napkins


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The controversy over recent Sabarimala verdict of Supreme Court is never-ending. It even got murkier with the remarks made by Union Minister Smriti Irani recently. She had opined that one should not take menstrual blood soaked sanitary pads into the Temple. This was in response to media reports that one female activist Rehana Fathima, while entering Sabarimala temple, was intentionally carrying a used sanitary pad, soaked with menstrual blood. “I have the right to pray, but don’t have the right to desecrate”, Smriti Irani had reportedly said. However, her comment was widely misinterpreted and many came up with their own interpretations in an attempt to politicize the incident.

Famed Singer from Kolkata, Soumita Saha has openly come out in support of Ms. Irani. In a statement she said, “Used Sanitary Pads are unhygienic and pose serious health risk. Those should be disposed off immediately as it makes the person vulnerable to infections/diseases. Forget temple, these shouldn’t be taken anywhere apart from sewerage or designated waste disposal bins”.

“There is a reason why these are called Sanitary napkins. Using it for spreading insanitation is insane”, she quoted.

She has also criticized the so called “feminists” for destroying the very essence of feminism. “Feminism never taught me to remain unhygienic. It never taught me to desecrate public places. A Woman offering used sanitary pads to God is practicing opportunism in the garb of Feminism. Would she accept if I gift her a Used Sanitary Pad? If not, she has no right to offer the same to anyone, let alone God”, she added.

“We always consider our deities as heavenly father or mother. Does it make any sense to offer a used sanitary napkin to parents? If not, how does it justify offering used sanitary napkins to deities”, she added.

She further criticized the critics of Smriti Irani’s statement. “It is quite easy to pick a statement out of context and misinterpret it to make a mockery of the speaker. However it takes one guts to accept the meaning in the correct context, especially when it conveys a bitter message. Those mocking her are actually mocking Feminism”, she said.

“It is my humble request to such people to drop the cloak of Feminism. You can’t exploit Feminism to suit your ulterior motives” , she remarked.

Soumita is known for her work on social issues. She actively remains at forefront in raising awareness and making impact to the society, especially on issues related to women. She had vehemently supported model and poet Gilu Joseph, who was slut-shamed for breastfeeding in February this year.

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