Club event of Showcasing of Aditya Singh Rajput’s Music Video promos DOSAKH featuring Arshi Khan & The Beach Boys Mashup season 2


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

Aditya Singh Rajput with MTV Rodies Winner Kashish Thakur and Nibedita Pal

The impeccable night saw the very fashionable domiciles of Mumbai and amongst those some of the regular faces of the social circuit who were witnessed grooving to great music & having a smashing time.

Aditya Singh Rajput with Arshi Khan

Aditya Singh Rajput with Shweta Khanduri and DJ Sheizwood

Arshi Khan with Sabyasachi Satpathy, Aditya Singh Rajput, and Maliaca Konkane

The evening saw the presence of DJ Shiezwood, Shweta Khanduri, Sabyasachi, Arshi Khan, Maliaca Konkane, Ken Ferns, Kashish Thakur, Nibedita Pal, Azaan Zafar, Aarvee Verma, Ovais Khan, Dev J etc.

Aditya Singh Rajput said “My company Pop Culture & I are on a mission to do unique and out of the box projects, as an actor and making music videos. My association with Arshi khan in 2 videos has been impeccable, she is focused hardworking and fun to work with. The night has been memorable with all our fashion friends, actors and the people who joined us, loving every moment of it. Gratitude all the time”

Aditya Singh Rajput & Arshi Khan will bring more entertaining projects for their fans in the future, promoted by Parul Chawla of Picture N Kraft.

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