TMKOC’s Iyer, Dangal star Ritvik & Total Dhammal actress Niharica cleans Aksa beach post Visarjan


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The cleaning campaign post Ganpati Visarjan was held at Malad’s Aksa beach where there were several celebrities spotted. The initiative was successfully taken by three media personalities named as Harsh Pancholi, Dhirendra Mishra, Saif Ali Momin without any help of an NGO or any financial help by any organisation.

While interacting with media, they said, “The credit goes to everyone who participated and came forward for these drive. There are no such ngo or organisation who supported us and we managed it out to call our friends and family members – and that’s how we got approximately 40 volunteers to clean the beach post last day visarjan.”

When talking about beach cleaning and her experience, ‘Total Dhammal’ actress Niharica Raizada emphasised there is still long way to go if we want our beaches blue and clean.

“This was my first experience coming here to clean the beach, I have been to Aksa Beach for shoots many times and I have always thought we have such beautiful beaches why don’t people keep it clean. If you had started years ago even we would have had clear blue beaches. The only message I hope people will understand is to think about the nature as much as you think about your family.

She also said coming to the beach and contributing made her feel like, “I am fulfilling my duty has a good citizen to this country and I will continue to do so. Whether more people join in and support or don’t I will continue to walk this path. I do hope to see the scope of improvement in people, we still have a long way to go.”

Taarak Mehta’s Krishnan Iyer aka Tanuj Mahashabde says, “Swacchata not only means keeping sorroundings clean but also keeping our mind and behaviour clean” The star even passes a message by saying, “Our religious scriptures also says that where there is cleaniness there is a prensense of god…”

The ‘Dangal’ actor Ritvik Sahore also shares his thoughts and says, “Why there are no dustbins at the beaches? Well, I’m glad that we took the initiative and everyone else should also. Global warming is one the biggest issues and one should take it damm seriously.” Ritvik also says, “Earth is also our home and just like our home, we should keep it clean.”

The successful drive also had Bhojpuri actress Shikha Mishra with husband Mahendra Tiwari, Bobby Kumar, Bhojpuri actor Aditya Mohan Singh with many others.

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