From singing to directing a video: Sherrin Varghese brings back ‘Do Lafzon Ki’ to life with Veena Parasher


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

Using your talent to bring light on social issues, is a marvelous job to do, especially when one’s a renowned personality!

Here we are talking about Sherrin Varghese, the pop maestro and a member of ‘A Band Of Boys’, India’s first boy band, who has given his valuable contribution to Veena Parasher’s latest music video – “Do Lafzon mein”. A cover of an age old era song sung by Veena presents you with a love story that would make you think about equality & respect for the LGBT community. The idea behind this music video is to discourage gender discrimination and help us spread the message of equal love for all.

Sherrin Varghese

Owning the credits for Story and Direction, Sherrin has done a sublime job in adding an edge to the song. When you listen to the track, it sounds like a newly rendered version of the original one sung by Asha Bhosle; But when you watch the video, it weaves itself into a tale of beautiful souls in love, keeping it real regardless of what their genders are.

We live in the era where one needs to be outspoken and clear enough on equality which everyone deserves, be it someone from LGBTQ community as well. It’s very less when we get to see a masterpiece that doesn’t speak much but conveys the very essence of the message – Yes this one’s a truly! And for Sherrin and Veena, they have definitely done quite a wonderful job.

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