Refurbish your workplace with Bouteak’s classic office set!


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

Smarten your office with Bouteak’s quintessential furniture set designed especially for the modern CEO. The smooth teak wood finish and rich mahogany colour gives a regal aura to any office. This lavish office set by Bouteak helps establish a level of authority which is ideal for (the boss’s office) a CEOs office. Our master craftsmen handcrafted this modern set which is an ideal mixture of function, toughness and elegance.

Bouteak’s furniture crafted with precious reclaimed Burmese teak and Mahogany makes it a great candidate for sophisticated, modern and elegant interiors. The elegantly crafted swivel chair provides the CEO with the perfect agility combined with the stylish yet imperial table exudes a sensation of utmost authority. The Chesterfield designed chair adds that extra panache and style to your office. 

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