Keeping up the sporty spirit; Prachi Tehlan hoots louder and gears up for the FIFA finale!


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

Prachi Tehlan’s life is truly a tale of inspiration, but besides skills and talent, the actress is also blessed with a sense of style and beauty to die for. From donning a bold and sexy look to displaying grace and elegance in the Indian attires, Tehlan knows how to pull off all kind of looks. Despite a busy life, the diva is super active on social media and her Instagram account is making people go gaga over her pictures.

But unlike others, it’s not just Prachi’s photos that grab attention. The thoughtful captions are equally interesting and meaningful. Captioning one of her pictures – where she is dressed up in true Indian clothes -“I have always believed that the idea of true beauty resonates with the privilege of wearing Indian attire. No matter what they say, but this look really brings out the best in us, be it for you or me”, Prachi proves that she is more than just a pretty face.


In another photo that says,“My #style is what ‘I like’ not what ‘Others Like”, Prachi’s confidence, as well as her style, is evident.


While on one hand, she loves to doll up and click pictures; on the other she does not mind revealing her true self when she is not surrounded by anyone. Laughing her lungs out, flaunting her flaws and yet looking beautiful, Tehlan’s Instagram account is the reflection of her life without any filters.


A former sportsperson is also a great football fan. Amidst the ongoing football fever, Tehlan also took to instagram to support her favourite team. Posting a picture, she wrote, “So finally we have #France #Belgium, #Croatia and #England in the top 4!! What do you guys think which 2 teams will play the finals…:) I bet on France and England.” Despite making a switch to acting, her love for sports didn’t vanish off completely.


At the work front Prachi  is doing a movie in malayalam opposite megastar Mammooty. Titled ‘Mamankam’, it is rumoured to be the most expensive film made in the history of malayalam cinema.

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