When Celebrity embraces Fashion: Style takes birth..!!


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006 Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com


When a celebrity promotes another celebrity the reason has to be something special. Even the result that follows is bound to be magical. Here is one such true story when Celebrity Anchor & Model KAVEA CHAVALI – well known in the glamour world & corporate decided to start “KALANECA”- an online Fashion Store especially to promote Uppada Sarees. She perhaps found another Celebrity in the world of Indian Textile Industry and the two teamed together to offer something exclusive in the world of Fashion.

On one hand Kavea is popularly known as a Stage, TV & Conference Anchor cum Co-host with a difference who can capture any audience with her hypnotic presentation and speech. The other side Uppada Pattu Sarees stand out as one of the best creations in beauty, design, weight and varieties – thus a Celebrity in its own right. There are many other similarities also. Like Kavea Chavali has come up a hard way earning this success story of now being in demand at all major events in the country and abroad, similarly it may shock but even some of the Uppada Sarees take more than 2 months to make one Saree for you which makes it exclusive. Therefore aren’t we right when we say that a Celebrity is promoting another Celebrity? Well, my dear women across the world, now it’s your opportunity to walk on the ramp with these two celebrities. Trust us, when a Celebrity like Kavea Chavali recommends another celebrity Uppada Sarees the experience of wearing a saree will make you feel on top of the world. Come on, visit KALANECA.com today and Drape yourself in an Uppada Saree to stand besides Kavea Chaveli and be amongst the celebrities of the world.

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