Gorgeous nature- inspired collections from Ficus enliven Summer!


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Summer time is when the trees burst into flower and you want to adorn your home with gorgeous nature-inspired cushions from Ficus Fine Living’s appealing new collection. Cushions add a touch of style, zest and charm to any interior. They brighten up your décor instantly and make your home look inviting, comfortable and luxurious.

You will love our cushions that come in cool cottons, organic linens and even vibrant cotton satin: the latter are priced at an affordable Rs. 642 to Rs. 2500 per piece. Our designers have created a pleasing, elegant range with soft dreamy florals, delicate botanicals and our popular Ficus Chickadee Birds.

Visit Ficus stores to check out your exquisite, artistic collections and add a special touch of class to your décor!

About Ficus Fine Living:

Ficus - Fine Living is a fresh new concept in branded furniture and home accessories. Inspired by nature Ficus offers range of furniture, furnishings, home decors, artifacts and more. Associated with renowned brand The Great Eastern Home, Ficus Fine Living draws inspiration from nature to create a style that seamlessly blurs the boundaries between the outdoors and indoors to merge materials, textures, colours, forms and finishing in ways that are contemporary yet timeless. Ficus keeps introducing new styles and product lines by keeping an eye on global trends to ensure that the brand experience of customers stay fresh and vibrant.

Do visit Ficus fine living stores not just for a great shopping experience but to enjoy the   ambience; the therapeutic beauty of the heritage district of South Mumbai where two of their attractive Stores are located- at Colaba and at Byculla. Our Vikhroli Store is tucked in the lofty and elegant building inside Khanna Estate, which is spacious and calming; one can easily browse for hours, enjoying a cup of coffee and going through the beautiful curios, furniture and art all of which make a delightful experience.

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