Unveiling of Chitragupta Chowk on the occasion 101 birthday centenary, composer who created uniquely flavoured melodious timeless gems


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Anand Chitragupta and Milind Chitragupta with Javed Akhtar and Ashish Shelar during the Unveiling of Chitragupta Chowk

Anand Chitragupta & Milind Chitragupta celebrated the 101 birthday centenary of their father Chitragupta, with unveiling his Chowk at the Corner Of 14th Road and Danda Road, Khar ( Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Showroom). With a glorious career spanning 40 years – from 1946 to 1988 – during which he composed for 144 films, Chitragupta he was the only Hindi film music composer of numerous forgotten gems. 

Anandji Shah, Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Raju Singh, anand chitragupta Lalit Pandit Sameer, during the Unveiling of Chitragupta Chowk

Eminent personalities such as Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Jatin- Lalit, Pankuj Parasher, Suresh Wadkar, Mukesh Rishi, Sameer (Lyricist), Faissal Khan(actor), Brij Kishore (actor), Arun Bakshi (actor/singer), Sharad Ughade- Assistant Municipal Commissioner, H-West Ward, Kunal Ganjawala – Bollywood Singer;  Abhijeet Bhattacharya – Bollywood Singer; Raju Singh-  Film and TV background score composer; BJP’s Alka Kelkar-  Deputy Mayor,
Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma,
Sudesh Bhosle

along with others graced this momentous occasion.

As Javed Akhtar & Ashish Shelar lit the traditional lamp to mark an auspicious beginning, Monday morning was dotted with his fans to participate in Chitragupta’s 101 birthday centenary.
The celebration started with a floral tribute to all the revered guests! This was followed by all the guests sharing their experiences & fond memories of the magic maker.
Anand Chitragupta & Milind  Chitragupta said “It is an honour like no other. Our father has given numerous gems in the golden era of music and is revered by fans and the industry alike to this day. First time in History of Chowks, the notations are of our song “Papa Kehte hain” which is a tribute by us to our father, Chitragupta. We are proud as his children to be able to give him back in whatever little way we can. He lived the best years of his life at 14th road, Khar composing all the gems and we lived the best of our career there too. To have a Chowk  named after him is a moment of great pride for all his fans and family alike. We want to thank all the forces who helped us helm this little effort. It will be a day etched in our memories and history, forever.Our Dad Chitragupta ji composed music for 200 films. His songs like “Chal Ud Ja Re Panchi” and “Chali Chali Re Patang” are a treat to listen to”
Milind Chitragupta said “I want to thank all the people who have assembled here, I worked very hard for this chowk & I am very thankful to Ashish Tiwari Ji, Sharad Ughade Ji, Alka Kelkar Ji and the person who introduced the show here. Mr. Vyankat who has been instrumental & helping me out for this chowk”

Ashish Shelar said “ In today’s event, everyone who is present over here Javed Saheb,Anand Ji Bhai,Lalit Ji ,Udit Narayan ji as everyone is here who makes songs & sing song here, when I got mike I thought everyone will say ‘suro ki is mehfil me besure ka rehna’ we didn’t did anything but when I get to know about we represent those Conspiracy were big dignitaries used to stay here, His song gives happiness & positivity in everyone life. like this big dignitaries need to have some statue. we used to remember them by listening there song im big fan of rafiq saheb, RD varman  used to stay here. One music lover said RD varman memories must be here so we decided to make RD varman chowk”
Javed Akhtar said “We have to say thanks to ourselves because we understood that we need to do all these kinds of work for the big dignitary. I am very happy that Anand-Milind has taken initiative in the rememberance of their father in everyones heart through these chowk”
Alka Yagnik said “I have few words to say something about Chitragupta ji. He is very big dignitary as everyone knows,I received alots of love & blessings from Chitragupta ji he was like my father only, As always we say “papa kehte hai bada naam karega”, he not only said to ‘Anand-Milind’ but also told me too “papa kehte hai bada naam karegi” & Those days  every time recording was happening throughout the day & because of music  beyond friendship  has created that time my family used to sit with him all the time, and when our Bhojpuri songs was recorded his hands always on my head.on the front of producer chitragupta ji convince him that we are very new to this industry but he used to take our side in front of producer. He was very lovely kind person I always remember chitragupt ji as much I remember my father”
Sudesh Bhosle said “I want to thank everyone, those who have decided to make this chowk & today we all are present for “Naamkaran”, everyone will remember you till the end because of your work, thank you”
Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma “I feel happy because when our children do something great it feels great,keep it up,all the best”
His melodious gems would continued to be heard around on audio systems and his timeless melody would continue to  easily transport one into the world of romance and devotion .

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