“The Government is nothing more than a service provider”, says Richa Chadha


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The actor, along with comedian Kunal Kamra, spoke about living with rape and death threats from right-wing trolls on social media

In the latest episode of ‘Social Media Star’, actor Richa Chadha and comedian Kunal Kamra opened up about what it means to be frank and fearless about the establishment, while speaking to the show’s creator and anchor Janice Sequeira. 

Chadha made it clear that her stance, while being critical of the government at times, isn’t ever politically motivated. “I think the government is essentially a service provider and they need to be reminded of that. It’s not about being anti-something, but about being pro-development, pro-unity and to look at the long-term objectives of how the nation should exist. I am not an agent of any political party.”


Kamra made a reference to the head of an English news channel, pointing out that the journalist had been going after the earlier establishment when it was in power, and had continued to blame them squarely for the country’s current troubles even after they were voted out, rather than turning a similar critical lens on the current regime. “If this shameless piece of s**t can exist,” Kamra said about the journalist and continued, “then what is the problem with me? I have only just started.”


Chadha backed Kamra’s stance. “It’s not that if one particular party is in power, we will be critical of them and the next term if there’s another party, we’ll let them go scot-free,” the actor said.


‘Social Media Star’ is a series that pairs up unlikely celebrities who’ve found ways to use various digital platforms in interesting ways. The show features Janice Sequeira in conversation with social media’s brightest stars; from film personalities like Karan Johar and Sonam Kapoor, to YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam and comedian Mallika Dua.


The latest episode, featuring Richa Chadha and Kunal Kamra, is now out on Firstpost.




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