Fruitbowl Digital Opens The Insurtech World To New Possibilities With The Mcxtra App


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

McXtra is a cutting edge Insurtech platform that enables users and their families to consolidate all their insurance policies in a secure vault. It offers insurance services and assistance across health, motor, life, travel and home insurances. The application is adaptable to both leading operating systems, making it easily available to a large audience.

With the insurance population set to touch 750 million by 2020, the systems surrounding the process still remain stagnant in India. Hence, the objective was to leverage ‘intelligent solutions’ to deliver an optimal insurance experience.

The integrated​ media and tech ​agency was tasked with bridging the gap between the idea and technical construct of the idea feasibility which included complete UI UX, development and maintenance of the brand’s website and mobile application. The creation of this technology and its seamless accessibility on all Android and iOS devices, connecting those who are seeking guidance and insurance professionals who can provide these analytics and advisory.

Co-founder and CEO, Fruitbowl Digital Media, Faisal Amin says, “Working with the fastest growing area in the fintech segment comes with both opportunities and challenges. It opened doors to newer and smarter avenues of technological advancement that had to be implemented into a system that was user-friendly. We took the complexity of AI and Machine Learning and focused them into the simplicity of our UI/UX, making McXtra an easy-to-use platform that aids in resolving some of the biggest problems of insurance consultancy all in a few simple clicks.”

McXtra allows an organization to extend its insurance services and emergency assistance to customers and their immediate family through its team of insurance experts, customer experience managers and technology wizards.

The application is free to download on Google Play and iOS App Store.

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About Fruitbowl Digital: In 2010, Fruitbowl was co-founded by Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy. The company is a creative digital marketing agency of the freshest minds brought together to conjure the most creative effective solutions to all the brand challenges. Fruitbowl has successfully served more than 300 accounts which include national giants like Reliance Energy, Mumbai Metro, Adamantino, Hilton, TATA, Vadilal, Zodiac, BMW, Saint


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