Scientist Chaganti unveils the world’s best technology in Power Sector


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I Scientist Chaganti am the only person in the world to keep gear teeth to the rim of the flywheel or to the top of the flywheel or to the periphery of the flywheel and the advantage is the big weight flywheel can rotate at very low RPM and the life of the plant is for minimum 25 years and max 50 years.
In this technology we are using weight and space management.
In this technology we will use SAND or Mud which is available in any part of the globe as the principle weight and we consider 144 tons as the weight for 1 MW power generation.
There is no transportation of the 144 tons of sand because we can get this sand or mud in the required place of the power plant.
In this technology we use small grid as the smart grid because where we generate there we will distribute, there by we can avoid the GRID and complete power loss coming from the transmission.
Here 144 ton Weight is the raw material for power generation, like solar is using sunlight as the raw material , for wind power generation wind is the raw material , for hydro water is the raw material , for thermal coal is the raw material.
In this technology the money is Safe and is exactly as a fixed deposit because we are investing on reuseful parts and all used parts are having commercial value so our investment is safe.
The generated electricity is free in return because no part is useless after the cycle of generation.
For example :-
(1) Sunlight of today cannot be used the next day i.e. you cannot store sunlight
(2) wind of today cannot be used for tomorrow i.e.  you cannot store wind
(3) you cannot use water again after the water coming out after spinning of the turbine
(4) you cannot use the coal after it is burnt for making steam because the coal will become ash
But here the sand as weight is the same for the next 50 years there is no replacement of the sand every day or new sand is used every day .
Once filled then the same sand is used for the next 50 years and this is new in a invention. The same raw material is used constantly for 50 years.
In this technology no part is wasted and it is used again after the expiry period
We will spread the 144 tons sand on 16 m diameter area and we use 12 mm thick carbon steel plate and spread the sand on the plate and fix a plate on top to fix the sand in between the 2 plates and seal from all side so that when rotated the sand will not fall out.
To the outside of the sealed area we keep a gear ring and make the flywheel as a GEAR FLYWHEEL.
In the 1 MW total power plant we keep 10 independent 100 kw Permanent magnet  generators and fix all around the 16 m diameter flywheel and rotate there by 10 independent 100 kw PMG generators can be used Independently there by the life of each generator is maximum and there is no wastage in power generation.
The big flywheel can be rotated with very low rotations there by the 16 m in diameter big gear flywheel will have 1600 gear teeth and the pinion gear will have less gear teeth and when the big gear flywheel is rotated at very low rotations the pinion gear will rotate at very high rotations.
The pinion gear will be attached to the shaft of the PMG Generator, there by the rotor of the PMG generator is rotated at 1440 rpm and power is generated.
Example :-
When the big gear flywheel is rotated with in 10 rotations then the calculations will be
Total teeth of the big gear flywheel :- 1600
Total rotations :- 10 rotations
16000 rotations of the total teeth i.e. for one rotation 1600 teeth are rotated in 360 degree and for 10 rotations 16000 times teeth are rotated  here we are explaining about the rotation of teeth
Now if we attach  11 teeth for pinion gear, we will be able to rotate the PMG generator rotor at 1440 rpm.with a speed reduction gearbox.
(1) Please understand we are rotating the big gear flywheel at 10 rotations
(2) The pinion at 1440 rotations
I am generating green electricity with in 1 to 10 Rotations max.
The big gear flywheel is rotated max 10 rotations and the pinion gear wheel is rotated in between 1440 to max 1800 rotations
In this invention we are designing the Bearing as the pinion gear
Very soon solar , wind , coal , water and nuclear will vanish and flywheel power multiplication will be the new concept.


  1. Like this people comment :- I am writing on behalf of the readers
    Dear Dr. Bhaskar Thank you very much for your feedback on our discussions. What you are suggesting indeed is very interesting. However before I go into the depth and calculations of your technical proposal, a couple of questions come to my mind immediately. First of all, cranking the flywheel with all the loads connected is not going to be as easy, because of the torque. The more gears you attach to the rim of the geared flywheel the more resistance will be created adding to the system load. Secondly the inertia being at its peak due to a parallel load it will be very difficult to overcome it by any means. Secondly, even if we overcome the momentum of inertia the system load will try to pull down the rotation of the flywheel. I am sure that you must have done the load calculations vis-a-vis the free rotation of the geared flywheel. What does the calculations you have made indicate in terms of the time that it will freely run before you need a second cranking? I read that it would take about 1 hour before it is cranked. Have you substantiated it with calculations considering the full load of the alternators? Thirdly I have seen a suggestion of yours to use a battery bank to power the initial cranking in the subsequent cycles. How much power would be required to crank the flywheel initially for at least 10 rotations to keep the system going for at least one hour subsequently? In short what would be the ampere hour capacity required for the battery bank? I have no doubt that you must have surely looked at these aspects. However they do not reflect very clearly in the note that you have sent to me. Or maybe have I missed them? Whatever, I must take this opportunity to congratulate you on this very novel idea. If it is ok with you then I will call you back on 8555045244 just post lunch that is maybe at about 3.30 Thank you very much and you have a wonderful day ahead.

  2. Moukwele says:

    Dear Dr. Chaganti,

    I have visited your rechearch on Flywheel Power generation with great interest. Thank you for thi ivention which will support the take off of development countries indutrial development.

    As buiness engineering consultant, I’m eager to collaborate with your esteement research center to introduce the Flywheel Power Generation within African countries, starting with Cameroon, my home country.

    Please let me know your willingness to collaborate with us and be part of the industrial development of the development countries.

    Business Engineering Consultant
    Po Box 3320 Douala, Cameroon
    Gsm/WhatsApp: +237699932619

  3. Love Bhaskar and Bhaskar machine

  4. We have received National First prize in All India Clean Energy competition organised by National Institute of rural development.

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