“Experience makes a man perfect” says ‘VastuShastra’ expert Basant Rasiwasia


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Basannt R Rasiwasia with Shah Rukh Khan

Whenever it comes to any field of study, few prominent personalities flash before our eyes. May it be medicine or may it be architecture, our country is blessed with the best. Talking about the science behind the field of ‘VastuShastra’, a prominent personality comes to my mind. Basannt R Rasiwasia is an expert in the above & hails from an aristocratic family with diverse business interest.

Basannt R Rasiwasia

VastuShastra is an ancient Indian science of living a peaceful & calm life by eliminating negative and enhancing positive energies around us. Basantaji, as he is fondly known as, was always inclined towards the occult sciences of India & has actively put out efforts to follow his interest. He has reached the level of greatness in this field because of the learning from his great ‘Guru’ & his self-discipline. His intense knowledge has brought him to the capacity of helping people to grow in the right direction, and he is the perfect person to consult for the same.

Over the years, all the well-known, prominent personalities, industrialists, politicians & builders have found the right advice from only from him. He, with his knowledge, has encouraged people to grow from big to bigger and bigger to biggest in their professional and personal lives. In an interview with New York Times, he had shared his thoughts about the Vastu conditions of renowned business barons & industrialists.

His study does not limit to VastuShastra, he has gone through a rigorous study of ancient scriptures, Numerology, Astrology and Color Therapy in the past. What makes him different is his unique technique of blending Individual’s horoscope and merging them with vastu arrangements that give great results. His knowledge in numerology, which he implies in a selection of property results in better harmony in life. This allows him to use a good part of astrology combined with numerology to give a total view along with succeeding effects of the place.

Basantji has gained the trust of his clients over the time he has worked in this field. His powerful & positive impact on so many people’s life has given him a loyal clientele. He has received a lot of awards & has been recognized for his extraordinary approach towards the science of VastuShastra.

Basannt R Rasiwasia is the first VastuShastra expert to be interviewed by on a Global Platform by BBC news


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