Art by Anita presents ‘Kabulana’, a solo art exhibition from June 23-27, 2018 at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi


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Pomegranates, Kabul

Art by Anita presents ‘Kabulana’ an exhibition of artworks by Anita Anand, inspired by her time in Afghanistan between 2004-2016.The exhibition will preview on Saturday, June 23 from 6.00 pm- 7.00pm and will continue from June 24-27 from 11 am – 7 pm.

The venue is the Convention Centre Foyer, India Habitat Center, New Delhi.  Entry is free .For more information please call:  9911128613

Chinar Tree, Kabul

Anita Anand

Anita Anand

Anita Anand paints what she sees. Inspired by the beauty in nature, it’s the flowers, grasses, landscapes, trees, fruits and vegetables that attract her.

They bring back memories of childhood, lives in other countries, cities and spaces – a wooden painted cupboard from Nuristan, a clothesline in Tuscany, brilliant lilies and a Zen mobile that dances in the in the mountain air, suspended from a chinar. Her work is not deliberated or planned; there is no set technique or genre. Whatever calls out to her, she paints.  She makes a posy of flowers in a glass and sits down to paint it. She looks out into her terrace garden and paints the brinjal on the vine and the portulaca at the base of the adenium plant. Paint me, they say. And, she obliges.                                                                    

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