Supari Studios reveals the secret behind a stadium experience at home in HD with Dolby Audio


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Award-winning content studio, Supari Studios creates another leg to brand Dolby’s campaign – “Ghar Pe Dolby Hai Kya”, addressing the brand’s focus on educating the HD viewer on the complete HD experience in the living room with Dolby Audio. The latest ad-commercial unravels the promise ‘Zabardast Experience Ke Liye Chaahiye, Zabardast Technology’ – For an unmatched experience, you need irresistible technology. The commercial aims to educate the audience that ‘Dolby Audio is the Sound of HD’ and that their current HD experience is incomplete without a Dolby audio enabled Sound bar/Home theatre.

Manoti Jain - Executive Producer, Supari Studios

This is the third film in this campaign series, the first film showcased the protagonist Mr. Chaubey who levels-up from “Mono” sound to a surround sound experience after Mono (his son) undergoes rigorous training sessions at home. In the second film, Chaubey brings home the cricket stadium experience with High Definition surround sound. Riding on the success of the two films, Supari Studios along with Dolby extends the series around Chaubey family and other quirky characters to make the audio technology at home synonymous to the sound of HD.

Speaking about the campaign, Supari Studios, Executive Producer, Manoti Jain said, “Working on brand Dolby has been close to our heart. The latest commercial around the theme ‘Ghar Pe Dolby Hai Kya?’ aims at spreading awareness on how Dolby technology enhances our daily living room experience. We were entrusted to come up with a simple narrative that explains the “Zabaradast” experience that the technology brings. We chose the mockumentary format to deliver this message, something that we are very proud of. This is our third film.”

Supari Studios, Film Director, Nisha Vasudevan, said, “This film was really fun to work on. What was interesting is that we already had a comic language and visual aesthetic in place, which was put together by Bopanna (director of the first two films in this series). I really enjoyed building on what he’s already created. I extended the same deadpan humour and still, awkward moments into this film. The DP, Siddharth Vasani, and I planned to use the same breathing camera for the documentary feel, however we tweaked the colour palette a little bit to make it a little more saturated and pronounced for this film. We’ve also used similar settings and of course, the original Mono and Chaubeyji are ever-present. The new cast members, Sharmaji and the grandmother, were selected to stand out against the original two – and they really hold their own on screen by bringing a few “haha” moments to the otherwise deadpan film. I also think the film has very good comic pacing thanks to the editor, Amitesh Mukherjee. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out where we needed pauses and where we needed to push the narrative forward. This has been fun.”


The ad-commercial ‘Zabardast Experience ke Liye Chaahiye, Zabardast Technology’ follows the mockumentary format established with the previous legs of the ‘Ghar Pe Dolby Hai Kya?’ campaign constructed around the protagonist ‘Chaubey’. The new ad-commercial brings back familiar character, ChaubeyJi, and introduces new ones, like SharmaJi, to showcase how Dolby Audio adds another dimension to the living room experience. Sticking to the mockumentary style treatment, the script flows with ‘Chaubey’ reliving his story by telling the viewers about his achievements and how he & his son ‘Mono’ solved the case of an incomplete HD experience at his neighbour’s place. The film, therefore, highlights the importance of all components for a PHD or Poora (Complete) HD experience that requires an HD TV, an HD Set-Top-Box, HD channel subscription, and a Dolby Audio enabled soundbar or Home theatre. The film has been worked on with the idea of driving home the point how a Dolby Sound bar makes your home entertainment equivalent to a stadium like experience.

Credit Roll-

Conceptualized & Produced by Supari Studios

Client: Dolby India

Director: Nisha Vasudevan

Scriptwriter: Mazharali Lalani, Arushi Kaushal, Nisha Vasudevan

Executive Producers: Advait Gupta, Akshat Gupta, Manoti Jain

Lead Producer: Shivani Mehta

Creative Director: Mohit Bhasin

DOP: Siddhath Vavani

Cast: Ajay Nathwani, Samay Prasad, Neeraj Khetarpal, Dorothy

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