Reverse Ageing – Two Day Residential Workshop by Harjit Gujral


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Looking young, feeling young & living young is a phenomenon cutting across all age groups, income groups and geographical boundaries. While a vast majority of mankind is in eternal pursuit of this idea and phenomenon, very few really understand the process and eventually manage to implement it. 

A very warm welcome to the world of Harjit Gujral. Her holistic knowledge of aerobics, fitness, Kundalini Yoga, Chakras, Past Life Regression and Wellness at large, has helped her develop a unique module to Reverse Ageing. After innumerable highly successful workshops abroad, Harjit gujral is now completely geared up to take Maharashtra to the next level of reverse ageing. Her two day residential workshop aptly titled ‘Reverse Ageing’ is scheduled to be held on the 12th and 13th of May at Gopalas Residency, Bhumi World, Mumbai Nashik Road, Thane.


The workshop is designed to give absolute clarity on the reality of ageing and the process to defy it. This unique module includes Dynamic Yoga for strength and longevity and Panchkosh for the cleansing of the Auric body. It further extends to meditation and the neuroscience of well being. Mindfulness and various breathing techniques would also be dwelled upon at great length. The scope and depth of this workshop would also help all kinds of Yoga and Wellness Trainers.


A near death experience in the year 2000 changed the course of Harjit’s life forever. She suddenly became receptive to higher energies and more profound insights of the ‘self’. She is a globally renowned expert today for healing therapies and caters to a wide range of clientele across the country and abroad. Her Kundalini Yoga workshops have been highly appreciated globally in countries like USA, Mauritius, France, Kenya and UK.


Make the most of this opportunity to reverse ageing under the guidance of a globally renowned expert.

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