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Rishikesh Kamerkar with Siddharth Kasyap (SK Music Works)

There’s something magical about melodious songs which has the power to revoke memories

Serene, Detailed & Majestic is what describes the video of the songs Kya Batayein Tumko & Mahi Ve, produced under the prestigious banner of SK Music Works. Mellifluously composed by Siddharth Kasyap, Kya Batayein Tumko is a Ghazal  penned by Iqbal Qureshi that details the pain and pathos one experiences in the absence of someone they love. The soundtrack is designed minimalistic ally to enhance the hollowness one feels during such times. It is melodious yet haunting and is sung beautifully by Rishikesh Kamerkar and Saberi Bhattacharya.

Saberi Bhattacharya

Swasti Kapoor with Siddharth Kasyap (SK Music Works)

Composed by- Siddharth Kasyap featured singers – Rishikesh Kamerkar & Saberi Bhattacharya; Pianist-  Merlin D’Souza; Lyricist – Iqbal Qureshi

Mahi Ve composed by Siddharth Kasyap sung by Geetanjali More

Lyricist – Shakeel Azmi feat. Model/Dancer Swasti Kapoor is also produced under the prestigious banner – SK Music Works.

Mahi Ve is a foot tapping number, composed by Siddharth Kasyap, that is contemporary and extremely catchy. The mix of hip hop  in Pop Genre makes the song stand apart. The lyrics are penned by Shakeel Azmi and are easily hummable. The song is sensuously sung by Geetanjali More.

The music video is glamourously shot in a grungy location and is directed by Anshul Vijayvargiya. Dancer and model Swasti Kapur performs a mix of hot jazz with other dance styles in this smoking hot number.

Both songs are directed by Anshul Vajayvargya; Creative Producer – Sanober Herekar Aziz; DOP – Hrishikesh Gandhi; Composed by – Siddharth Kasyap;  Designer /Stylist – Asif Merchant.

Sanober Herekar Aziz said “The promise of tomorrow start with today. Thinking ahead is the key to stay ahead. With a focused, well thought of strategy, SK Music Works aims to deliver the best to the audience. We aspire to be the force to reckon within the music industry”

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