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Bangalore, India Golf Expo, 2018

Bangalore, India Golf Expo, 2018 – the seventh edition of South Asia’s largest golf exposition will be held in Bangalore on the 19th and 20th of April at The Lalit Ashok hotel. Organized by the Golf Industry Association (GIA), India Golf Expo will bring together the golfing fraternity of India and experts from around the world with the intent to share knowledge, experiences and to chart a course for the future of golf in the country.

Bangalore, India Golf Expo, 2018

Dr. Micah Woods

Mohan S

Some of the prominent delegates that will be speaking at the event would be Dominic Wall, Director – Asia-Pacific, The R&A, Dr. Micah Woods, chief scientist at the Asian Turf Grass Center, Paul Jansen, Advocate for creating sustainable golf courses and Mohan Subramanian, Rainbird Corporation & GCSMAI among others. This year India Golf Expo (IGE) will focus on the theme of sustainability.

Speaking on the occasion the following spokespeople said:

Quote from Rishi Narain, MD, RN Sports marketing and Board Member of the Golf Industry Association

“India Golf Expo will bring together experts from different domains, drawn from across the globe to share knowledge and best practices for the development and sustenance of the sport in the country. This time around, The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland (golf’s international governing body) will host a seminar in India that will provide the most comprehensive sustainable education event in Asia across golf development, renovation and course management – exploring a range of topics which address the opportunities within the sport and how they set a new platform for sustainable golf in Asia. Other experts will educate developers, tourism authorities and club managers. The exhibition will showcase machinery and technology & services for the golf course industry. Consumers will see the latest playing equipment and get to try them out on simulators. We will give away Industry Awards to recognise the best contributions in the field. It’s a great opportunity to exchange ideas, solve problems and build relationships and networks.”

Ravi Garyali, Managing Director, ‎Irrigation Products Intl Ltd

The golf industry has been around for generations. Initially engaging in the sport was restricted to a certain stratum of people and now that has all changed. Golf is accessible to almost everyone.

Irrigation of golf courses a relatively new avenue of business as it has been only 25 years now. 25 years ago there was no access to technology – golf courses were hand watered. We started around 25 years ago when the Govt of India opened its stance to technologies coming into the

country. We could now import technologies into India.


The 1st thing that we did was water the turf. We brought in an acquired technology that used recycled water. This is a big part of golf technology that has grown. Another aspect is how you maintain the facilities.

The golf expo brings all these elements under one umbrella, with a complete array of various specialized segments- all off which are needed to support the golf industry.

There is a lot of sustainability being built into the design of golf courses including in the variety of grass that we grow, also scientifically designed systems that eliminates wastage of water. The expo helps us to display all these technologies to the audience who attends the event.

Steve Isaac, Director – Sustainability, The R&A

We are addressing sustainability, the environmental issues and regulatory issues, a key issue to the development of the game across the world and not just in India. We look forward to covering the challenges of what some people might consider a threat, coming from sustainability issues and we hope to raise awareness around them.

We will cover aspects around golf course design, construction renovation and maintenance and we hope to leave the seminar with fresh ideas and concepts for the future.

Speakers -

  1. Dominic Wall, Director – Asia-Pacific, The R&A
  2. Dr. Micah Woods is chief scientist at the Asian Turf Grass Center
  3. Jonathan Smith, Founder & Executive Director, GEO Foundation
  4. Paul Jansen, Advocate for creating sustainable golf courses
  5. Mohan Subramanian, Rainbird Corporation & GCSMAI
  6. Guy Chapple, Director – WellPlayed Golf Business Consultancy

Topics covered in the conference

  • Sustainability of Golf in India
  • Economic Impact of Golf in India
  • The future of Golf in the country
  • Golf course design and renovation
  • Golf tourism
  • Golf and real estate – the business case
  • Building and delivering a strategic plan for your golf course
  • Technology and coaching

Number of exhibitors/stalls and their offerings:

Number of Exhibitors: over 50 national and international exhibitors

Types of Stalls

  • Playing equipment and apparel
  • Golf course maintenance equipment
  • People from the tourism sector
  • People from Real Estate
  • Maintenance machineries
  • Sports infrastructure
  • Irrigation
  • Golf carts
  • Private golf courses
  • Golf architects
  • Fertilizer brands


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