Presenting the much awaited official teaser of “Uma” directed by Srijit Mukherji.


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The first look teaser video of SVF’s upcoming venture Uma was released a day before Bengali New Year bringing in the news of “Uma’s” advent on earth . The teaser came out on 14th April ,a day before the people of Bengal go on to celebrate ‘Poila Boishakh’ a festival that brings hope and happiness in their lives, similar to what the film Uma would be conveying to it’s audience.


The teaser starts off with the joyous sight of Mother Goddess Uma and concludes with a partial glimpse of the onscreen ‘Uma’ evoking joy and excitement in the minds of the audience. The teaser also gives us a peek into a foray of powerful thespians like Anjan Dutt, Rudranil Ghosh, Abhijit Guha, Anirban Bhattacharya, Neel Mukherjee who too seemed to be waiting eagerly like the audience to catch a glimpse of ‘Uma’. The teaser with the voiceover of Jisshu U Sengupta coveys to us the message that together human beings can move greater mountains.



Uma, directed by national award winning director Srijit Mukherji and starring father daughter duo Jisshu U Sengupta & Sara Sengupta, has already been recognised by New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) 2018, London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) 2018, India Film Festival of Alberta (IFFA) 2018 and Indian Film Festival of Melbourne ( IFFM) 2018 . It is scheduled to release June 2018.



Uma is the story of young girl who is fighting a terminal disease, a father who is struggling to make his daughter’s dreams come true and about a director whose past haunts him. It starts off with Uma, a young girl brought up in Austria, being recognised with a terminal disease and goes on about how Himadri, her father takes her to Kolkata to fulfil her dream by setting up a fake Durga Puja, the most celebrated festival of the Bengalis. The film is inspired from the true story of Evan Leversage, the Canadian boy who moved Christmas.


Srijit Mukherji, director of the film, goes on to say- ‘ The teaser of Uma gives us the hope to survive that I have tried to convey through my film. Evan’s story taught us never lose hope and showed us the power of unity. Uma’s story reverberates the same.’


Mahendra Soni, Co-Founder and Director , SVF, is very optimistic about the reception of the film and goes on to say that – ” Uma’s teaser evokes a lot of positivity and we are sure that this film will inspire us and our audience.”

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