Sonal Chauhan to launch an app for pet adoption!


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

Sonal Chauhan has decided to lend her celebrity status and popularity to the cause of finding homes for animals. The stunner is a mega watt animal lover. When not before the camera working around the clock or travelling, the gorgeous girl-next-door chills with her precious pooches and is busy making additions to her family with her pets.

Now, Chauhan has taken it upon herself to be a vigilante for our four-legged counterparts. The charmer is going to launch an app for pet adoption, which will work towards re-homing abandoned animals.

Talking about turning into a major crusader for animals with this app, Sonal said, “With the constant weather changes, it becomes very tough for animals in the city to survive. Stray animals are susceptible to diseases, cruelty and under nourishment. I am hoping that this app remedies the situation that are friends with paws are in.”

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