Singer Soumita Saha joins celebrity bandwagon on,demands justice for the minor


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

With the advent of summer and mercury rising across the country, communal tentions and anarchy was keeping us busy. Communal tensions literally took a significant turn with Asifa Bano Gang rape incident. Kolkata’s Singing sensation Soumita Saha raised her voice stating “Had my heart and mind restricted me from protesting i would have never called myself ‘human’.

Stop citing us reasons that makes no sense. Girls do not get raped because they went out, even though people have many things to teach like how they should dress, talk rather live.
Girls get raped because someone rapes them. Girls get raped because some untamable animals are trapped within human body, they literally cannot deal with human anyway.
Being a respinsible citizen i would never be able to forgive myself if don’t raise my voice now.
I am not dragging along religious tension or communalism. Society has got enough of Rajith Kumars who can literally come up with senseless comments like women who wear jeans gives birth to transgenders. How would these intellectuals justify this tragic incident? What was the mistake of that 8year old girl?”.

The magnificent beauty with voice of an angel literally expressed her grief on Asifa Bano incident and also left a hint of protest on Rajith Kumar’s comment. The ishq girl of International fame dedicated a poem to express her heart felt pain on this sad incident

“The skirt repents, so does jeans, Burkha and salwar consoles,
they know the agony they fail to express, but diaper cry in silent hues
A Hindu was raped ,a muslim was raped makes blood stirring issues,
Women raped is not longer a news
Somes times her dress ignited, sometimes her lipstick seemed inviting
Girl your worth finds confinement in lust’s tin can
She was a budding flower, but inhunam lust hides behind the colors of society
Wasn’t she even worth considering human?”

Soumita , who in past had raised her voice against objectification and body shaming of women recently spoke in support of model Gilu Joseph in the breastfeeding controversy and has urged for a separate breastfeeding rooms in public places like Malls and Multiplexes, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The melody queen is a renowned poet  and writes for many reputed literary magazines. The ace singer is known for her melodious voice and social activism. Soumita’s internation debute became massive hit and was appreciated in many countries across the world.

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