“ If you are a creative person you are whimpsical and trust me the world will adjust “ : says Music Director and Social Activist Vishal Roy


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Vishal Roy, the other name of versatility who raised his voice against ‘Punish A Muslim Day‘ speaks about this musical journey .Roy started his musical journey under the guidance of his mother Shyamali Roy. Initially his mother trained young Vishal, having showed undubitable passion for music Vishal received his training from  Pt. Ajay Chakraborty. Unlike most other singers he neither chose the path of relality show nor nor did he found confinemnet in vocals only. He chose to compose and co-direct to brush up his experience with commercial music. Vishal’s capabily of playing stringed instruments and his knowledge and grip on instruments he uses for his arrangements deserves special praise.Vishal already assisted eminent music composers and directors of Bollywood and Tollywood.

The firebrand Music Director in a candid interview shares his experience and work :

You have worked with many eminent music directors. Tell us some thing about your non-film projects ?

Indeed, working with eminent personalities feels like blessing that I literaly earned, what else can be better? I have been working a couple films in tollywood and non-film projects that desrve special mention.Let me tell you one thing, I am pretty amazed with the question ‘cause everybody starts with film project first. Anyway my non-film projects include some of my compositions that will be released by the leading record labels in the industry. I am working with leading playback singers from tollywood and bollywood as well,for some album project. I might lend my voice to certain projects .Well, I am not really going to get the cat out of the bag right now. But the interesting part is besides film music and background music,  non-film projects are keeping me occupied equaly.

Music Industry typically seems to be one of the extention of film industry,do you think things can change?

It is absurdly unfortunate that music industry represents film music these days. During 90s albums songs had a huge place in the Industry . We grew up listening to such songs. I am not saying independent artists are not coming up with good creations. But somewhere I feel the tide is not hitting the right chord.  With better marketing and promotions independent artists, music directors ,composers can make some difference. Infact, television and radios should encourage such independent music equaly .

What motivates you to contribute to public awareness?

What other people call ‘ Public Awareness’ is simply the voice from deep within. I know I am sounding melodramatic(laughs), I never planned to associated with Public Awareness. Situation sometimes forces you to discern your path. Music is the reason of my existence and music, peace and harmony those interdependent best friends forever that compliments each other.Therefore, when peace and harmony goes in stake I cannot afford to restrict my voice. There’s nothing called planned awareness,like I wake up and think I am going to do this.If you are a creative person you are whimpsical, trust me the world will adjust. If you are doing it with a plan it is just a plan, but if you are doing something from within you become a part of the movement. Yes,I did raise my voice even if I could motivate five people I feel immensely satisfied. People say we, human , are the most amazing creation of all mighty, if we do not make a difference or atleast even try to we do not have any right to blow the trumpets of our supremacy.

Do you think that makes any difference?

Difference!! a big point indeed. I know it is very easy to speak out and vent out anger, done !!! as we all say. But no, trust me not everybody will appreciate . People literaly comes forward to judge you and sometimes you face questions like ‘ Whatever is happening, how is that suppose to bother you? ’. It is not possible to explain each of them how it does, but the fact my dear is none of us wan’t dischord or anarchy to prevail and we all wait for the time thinking somebody’s going to raise voice. But we all get tired of waiting for that somebody and what I did is a little different. I just can say “That somebody is me”.

What is you message for youngsters?

I don’t quite believe in stereotypes that find confinement within barriers of advice. Just because seniors or supposedly succesful people said this is how it happens you blindly follow it. Be you, be honest to your work and always keep in mind the journey is not about becoming the next someone. It is absolutely about becoming the first ‘You’. There’s nothing that exists as ‘impossible’, ‘No’ is the biggest variable under the sun the value changes according to your effort.

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