Singing Sensation Soumita Saha breaks the misconception society nutures about women and their interest in Soccer


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

“We love Football as much as men do” says The Ishq Girl Soumita Saha while expressing her love for the game

There have been several controversies about women and sports. There have been many misconceptions that women do not gel well with sports .And women head over heal in love with foot ball is a rare issue. Honestly a man can find a slice paradise right in front of his eyes when he finds some elegant woman who competes his craze for soccer.

Ace Singer from Kolkata and Youth Icon Soumita Saha whose international debut ‘Ishq’ became a massive hit has recently raised her voice regarding this discrimination. Being a football fan Soumita recently posted a picture that where she speaks in defence of women who love football and her post depicts that football is not just men’s cup of tea.

The beautiful songbird from the city of joy’s social network already justifies her immense love for the game .She literaly compared Lionel Messi with Julious Ceaser in a special post after Barcellona’s major match.

“ I do not know why people always accuse men for choosing football over daily chores. It makes no point women does the same.  My closefriends are literaly used to with my nature that suddendly turns ignorant ,needless to say this happens just because of football. Trust me, my closest friend literaly assumes I am either Pmsing or my favourite team is loosing the game ‘cause this is the only time I come up with random ranting. I absolutely love football, my father says I might reject a so called perfect match on this note.Trust me, we love football as much as men do .”says the Ishq girl.

Women’s interest in sports have always been a topic to ‘troll’. Equality always failed to raise its’ head to clear misconceptions that exists sourrounding this sensitive issue. Soumita Saha who is not only a talented singer of International repute but she has always been a keep social activist .Having contributed to various social issue the elegant beauty with mesmerising talent cleared people’s misconception about women’s love for football.



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