Joint Pain and natural remedy through Aroma Oils by Dr. Naresh Arora, Founder, Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics



By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

Having joint pains/ arthritic pain, do not take it as a sign of age (old age syndrome) . Even, the youth and middle age people have lately reported increasing tendencies of having Joint Pains. Movement of Muscles and Bones does not mean increasing wear and tear of Joints but it might be deficient supply of vital nutrients and laxity of nervous tissues too.  Deficient absorption of Vital Calcium and Magnesium depends on Vitamin D in our body. If Vitamin D is deficient in our body, even the medicines we take might not get absorbed into the blood circulation and shall not provide cure in time.
Joint pain can be happened for many reasons. In recent days this is one of the most talked about diseases in the country. People get affected of the joint pain just after crossing 35-40 years. The severity of joint pain utterly depends on the injury caused by the affected ligaments or atriums neighboring the joint; it can harm the Ligaments, Cartilage, bones surrounding the joint.

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