ON World Water Day Meluha , The Fern , Mumbai organize a Creative Collage Competition


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Meluha, The Fern an ecotel hotel, Mumbai organized a Creative Collage Competition to spread awareness about the importance of water for its staff on the occasion of World Water Day.

The theme for World Water Day 2018 was ‘Nature for Water’– exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.


Various teams from different departments made beautiful collages to depict damaged ecosystems, disparity in water supply and most importantly solutions to the crises.


Speaking at the occasion, the area general manager, Punish B Sharma said, “The idea behind the competition was to inculcate a sense of awareness about the conservation of water.”


“Meluha-The Fern is ranked No. 1* in the country in the total water reuse rate since recycled water is used for flushing, cooling towers, irrigation, etc in a survey carried out by HVS Environmental Resource Consumption”, he added


Following are a few water management practices followed at Meluha The Fern:


Ø  To effectively conserve water in all departments of the hotel. The hotel has installed water efficient and low flow faucets, shower heads, flushes etc.

Ø Groundwater recharge and roof water harvesting is also incorporated in the hotel.

Ø  Sewage treatment Plant: The water supply in the hotel is augmented by using recycled water. All the waste water of the hotel is treated and then further reused in areas like the cooling tower of the air conditioning plant, flushing, gardening and for new constructions within the complex.

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