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On International Women’s Day,, one of India’s pioneering and leading fintech companies launched its initiative calledVisionaari ( to create awareness about financial/ investment opportunities for women. The underlying intent was to transform them from being pure home expense managers to financially active individuals.

The workshop highlighted about how Visionaari can help women transform from just looking after their homes’ money to managing money more effectively and efficiently. This would help their family members to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Through this platform, women will be informed about the financial opportunities and the way to achieve the same by using the various investment tools that are available. So, their families can effectively deploy money to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Dinesh Rohira, Founder & CEO, said, “If you ask anyone ‘who manages money at home?’, the lady of the house may be the most probable answer. This is true for the young as well as the older households. One of our key realizations has been that most women have an inborn financial acumen to manage money but very limited exposure to financial planning or awareness of investment opportunities. At 5nance, our effort over the years has been to understand this aspect of a household’s investment decision-making pattern. We tried to know why women who are currently managing monies at home are not using better investment opportunities to make their families’ revenues grow.  “

Mrs. Veena Arora was very delighted after attending the workshop. She added, “Earlier we used to limit ourselves to either passive participation in the household’s investment decision-making or used only traditional vehicles such as bank FDs, gold etc. which had been our comfort zone. But now through this platform I can make a well-informed decision, so my family’s hard-earned money works harder for us. “

However, with the changing lifestyle and general economy, there is increasing pressure on the household and especially, the lady of the house to find means to make the money work harder for the family – both from short as well as long-term perspectives.

At 5nance, our mission is to reach out to 1 lakh women though the Visionaari platform, create awareness among them about the financial opportunities, and thus transform 1 lakh homes. “We have embarked on our journey from today onwards.  The mission is being spearheaded by the Women of the organisation who have immensely contributed to the growth of the organisation and continue to influence our larger role in society through this noble initiative.” Raisa Kazi, VP marketing and Brand Strategy added.

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