The Empowered woman is powerful beyond measures and beautiful beyond description


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“A woman in Harmony with her Spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretence ….and arrives at her destination, prepared to be herself and Only Herself”- -Maya Angelou. Ms.Bhagyashree Singh, MD of Merakii Group, has been closely associated with CSR activity of the group. Apart from her involvement of PR business, she has been working with Navjyoti Foundation that works to uplift underprivileged and downtrodden children. Also she is working for deprived children who are drug addicted and completely away from mainstream. Bhagyashree Singh strongly believes in women empowerment in the country.
Currently she is heading The Merakii group as director and taking care of CSR of Group. She completed her schooling from Mt Carmel , Having strong command and fascination towards language, she finished her Graduation with Bachelors in English Literature from Satyawati college Delhi University. Later on she completed her Masters in Marketing .
She chose to acquire a deeper understanding of Marketing, Strategic Planning, People Management ,Budgeting, by experiencing it through the pursuit of Building a solid track record of successful rollout, management and turnaround of fortunes through astute planning and execution of various activities by working in Multinationals Like, JDB Group and Regus Group.
A perfect amalgamation of corporate Marketing Strategy, theories & methodologies has led to an array of services, unparalleled in their diversity and uniqueness. She chose to edify herself with the ropes of the trade in Merakii Group Learning and laying the foundation of every skill required. Innately wired for strategic and tactical thinking—formulate and execute corporate strategic plans: Adept at translating abstract concepts theories into user-friendly solutions that clearly support business needs and enhance Marketing and revenue generation. Executing high-level strategies, making high-stakes decisions and combat mission-critical business challenges.
Live the culture and lead by example,these pursuits combined with her exposure to people and places across the globe laid the foundation she needed to excel in any field that she would choose.
Merakii is the culmination of her skills and experience, where her discerning eye has brought together her understanding of Corporate Strategy, with her keen sense of business and people to provide Strategic consultation.

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