Indian VETOpia 2018, Season II, Day 1


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National Veterinary Foundation (NVF) is body under the govt. Of India working for the welfare and well-being of animals. Founded by like-minded veterinarians, NVF conducts a national level one of its kind event annually called Indian VETopia wherein experts from all over the country and abroad come and participate. This year, Indian VETopia is being conducted in February at Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon and would be addressing some untouched issues about animal and pet health. This concerns your beloved pet too, like not many of us know about the diabetic and cardiac problems hit your pets as well.

Kicking off on the second Friday of the month, the weekend is going to be filled with an overdose of adorable pets and their cuteness. The First day of the event started conference of the experts. Dr. Bhushan M Jayrao shared his expertise on Mastitis in cattles and prevention and cure for the betterment of modern day era. The day will be followed by Glamorous pet health show and an adoption drive for pets. Concluding the event, a Pet walk for fun is going to be organized where owners can participate as well with their furry playmates!

The objective of VETopia is to uplift the veterinary society of India and bringing them at par with the latest technology and progress. PetExpo is organized behind the motive of informing and educating pet owners about the health issues of their pets, diabetic and cardiac issues in pets added Dr. R.T Sharma, Secretary National Veterinary Foundation.

Apart from the regular convention of the experts, there is going to be a pet health show where your gorgeous ones can participate and show off their beauty along with you learning a lot about their well-being and healthcare as well. Amidst all of these, there will be a free pet adoption drive where you can get yourself a cute friend if you are looking forward to owning one soon. And that’s not all! A 5km Pet walk for fun is also going to be organized which is going to be fun filled and one of its kind experience!

“Education in the terms of how well you can and you should feed your pet is still lacking in Indian society. Most of the population which are very well looked after is metro cities, tier II cities and a bit of satellite areas. We, through this unique programme are trying to throw some light and knowledge on the untouched areas like how to milk can create a problem to your pet and other interesting topics” added Dr. Umesh Karkare


“Misuse of antibiotics is a very common issue with the pet owners. I would say the awareness amongst them is still lacking and National Veterinary Foundation has taken a step, in a unique way by organising VETopia every year in order to increase awareness and knowledge about Pet welfare” added Dr. Ajay Sood, Board Member, National Veterinary Foundation, New Delhi, India.

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