Converting stories into humorous songs with tunes that are catchy and fun! Sony Music presents Hindi singer , songwriter and composer VIPIN HEERO


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

Global music giant Sony Music Entertainment, has signed on Hindi singer, songwriter and composer Vipin Heero. With a distinctive sound and style, Vipin’s music is all about spoken words that are based on real-life incidents and observations that promise to prompt a laugh. Each song has a catchy tune that gets you hooked to it and is totally hummable. His lyrics are not only humorous, but also relatable and honest.


Vipin’s first single ‘’10-15 Minute Ke Liye’’ that released today is a funny and romantic plea by a young boy to the girl of his dreams asking her to give him 10-15 minutes of her time to get to know him. Dedicated to all those boys who need just that much time to unveil their love!  Says an excited Vipin, “ I am very happy and thrilled. I do not know what to expect but I am glad listeners will get to listen to my music which is straight from my heart.”


Adding on Anjana Devraj, Director – Creative Development, says, “Vipin is an unusual artist who with his relatable Hindi lyrics has already created a niche following. When we first heard him, we knew his quirky style of music will be loved by listeners. Whatever he says and sings about just sticks in your mind! We are happy to have him on board and his music will definitely become a go to for the youth of today.”


With his music appealing to all age groups, and especially to the youth, Vipin’s endearing personality is sure to be a hit.

~An exclusive Sony Music artist~

~ Catch first single ‘’10-15 Minute Ke Liye’’ a slice of life love song, dedicated to boys who need only that much time to unveil their love ~

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