Nav Srijan organized mini marathon “Run Burari Run” to create awareness against burning waste!


By  K Ashwin  Mobile: 09920183006

A Delhi based NGO Nav Srijan has organized “BURARI MINI MARATHON” against pollution at Burari by Pass on 28th January.

To create awareness regarding the biggest problem gripping the capital, i.e of Air pollution the event has been scheduled to take place in Burari. This event is being held mainly for spreading the awareness for pollution in our country and helps society to develop awareness. It is evident that around 27% of the overall pm 2.5 microns contribute in total air pollution.

Nav Srijan has targeted this to create awareness decided to host a Run for cause event in which more than 5000 students took part to express their resentment against the increasing air pollution.

Mr Vikas Bhardwaj “We are planning to create awareness in both government and citizens, and helping them to identify this threat and give an alternative. So we would like you with us Step Up and Run for this cause. Step-up run would be an awareness run. Where Step-up mean let’s take a step up to fight pollution and give our future generation clean air to breathe”

Mr Shashi Mohan Kotnala, President of  Nav Srijan Society  “The earth is getting polluted, ultimately it is the human beings themselves who dig their own grave by doing deliberate activities. It does not only spoil health of human beings’ but also worsen their quality of  life”

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