Ida Ali along with her schoolmates organises Pedal-O-Thon a non-profit initiative


By  K Ashwin  Mobile: 09920183006

Pedal-O-Thon, a non-profit initiative organised by students of Oberoi International School including Ruhaan Bhagat, Zainab Shaikh and Imtiaz Ali’s 17-year-old-daughter Ida Ali to unite Mum-bike-ars to cycle for a cause.

The event was sponsored by Indusind Bank, Aromas Cafe, Radio One and others


Pedal-O-Thon is an event which unites the various communities of Mumbai to actively engage in a cycling marathon. They organised it for the sole purpose of spreading awareness about the importance of including those who are differently abled into our society. Keeping this aim in mind, they intend to collect funds to donate to an NGO that aims to help the differently-abled, known as the Fellowship Of The Physically Handicapped.


Their mission is to one day, live in a world where the physically/mentally challenged individuals won’t be called out for or known for their “disability,” but rather their different abilities and unique personalities. By involving as many people as they can in the event, they intend to educate them of this mission. Moreover, they believe that this event will contribute to advocating the health and the environmental benefits of cycling or other such alternative means of physical activity.


Zainab Shaikh, the head of the event says, “I believe that change is not just possible- it is inevitable. Believe that the challenges we face in our community today can become extinct. I hope one day the word ‘disabled’ ceases to exist and is replaced by ‘differently abled’ since everyone unique for their abilities”


Ida Ali, the head of the sponsorship team of the event says, “This was our chance to extend our hand to different communities and unite for an extra-ordinary day of victory”


To know more about the Fellowship Of The Physically Handicapped, you can look at their website:


Event details -

When: 28th January 2018

Where: MMRDA Grounds, BKC

Time: 6:00am Onwards

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