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Avishya.com is an Online Store that sources and showcases beautiful Indian Ethnic Wear for Women ranging from Sarees, Salwars and Dupattas to Kurtas, Fitted Garments and Fashion Jewellery. Produced by the finest weavers, artisans & designers (in multiple weaving clusters across India), most of Avishya’s products are handloom or handcrafted.

Avishya.com was born out of a passion for beautiful Indian ethnic wear. It offers a pleasurable online browsing and shopping experience to women looking for top quality Indian Ethnic Wear. Avishya’s mission is to democratize access to the ever green appeal and unique beauty of India’s handcrafted products. Its products are sourced from across the country. Being handmade, each product on Avishya.com is “one-of-a-kind” and helps the wearer make a unique style statement.

Their primary goal is to create a platform on the internet which can bring together in one place the finest handcrafted ethnic wear made by Indian weavers, artisans and craftsmen and offer consumers in India and around the world the option of browsing and shopping for these products from the comfort of their living rooms and bedrooms.

With its worldwide reach and easy access, a world class online platform could be the perfect solution for creating a sustainable living for these fine Indian artisans & weavers. Thus the Avishya story began..

To know more about Avishya: Visit www.avishya.com

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