10th Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF 2018 OPENS !!


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Much awaited JIFF 2018 finally opened in a magnificent manner; for all the Film enthusiasts; Cinema lovers and Faans. For the next four days; Many National – International Films would be screened at Golcha Cinema and Manipal University. The Film Festival has been started, with lighting the lamp at Golcha Cinema. Surendra Bohra, Rajeev Arora, Sandeep Sancheti [President Manipal University], Mark Plain and JIFF Founder Hanu Roj were present at the stage. 
Hanu Roj shared his emotional experiences of the long decade journey of JIFF! Hanu expressed that people’s positive responses make him go ahead on this path! Hanu said that JIFF believes in inviting real Film – makers; instead of celebrated Superstars!
On the behalf of JIFF; Gorune APRIKIAN [France], Katerina Philppou [sugar cane], Dora Elek [sugar cane], Roope Olenius [Finland], Phillippa Frisby [sugar cane]; and Chandrashekhar, Dr. Vibhuti Pandey and Vivek Sharma were felicitated.
After the grand opening OF JIFF 2018; Surendra Bohra has been honoured with the LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. Surendra is a noted Indian Producer and Director; Hu’s first produced Film was Maa Manne Kyu Parnai. He debuted directing Films with Saajan Ka Ghar; starring Rishi Kapoor and Juhi Chawla; and continued on a path of success for years.
Surendra Bohra gave a Big THANK to JIFF. Bohra expressed that he considers this AWARD, the Biggest Award in His Life!
Sandeep Sancheti congratulated JIFF. Besides, he thanked all the Film – Anthusiasts; JIFF then i Have Come.
JIFF 2018 opened with screening of the Hindi Film Angrezi Me Kahte Hain, at 6 pm. Entire star cast of Angrezi Me Kahte Hain has been present on the stage including Ekavali Khanna, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Pankaj Tripathi, Brijendra Kala and Anshuman Jha.
Directed by HARISH VYAS, says in English this a story Excluded middle – aged man Yashwant Batra, who makes attempts to win his wife ‘S HEART. It’s interesting to see an old man doing varied amusing things to woo his wife, which are often done by young men!
This was the 10th year OF JIFF. Hence, JIFF is celebrating the ‘Decade OF Excellence “. MOST OF the Skrind Films Hey N’t Released Yet, and Hence, people would get to watch them for the first time at JIFF. Here, Film enthusiasts would get to interact with Directors, Writers, Actors,
Glimpses OF programs for Tomorrow -
Ish Madhu Talwar would hold a dialogue session about “Hasrat Jaipuri: His Life and Time”; Therefore, 11 Am. At 12:30 pm; Rakesk Gogna would take a workshop about Web Series and Mobile Film Making. At 2 pm; during ART CAMP; Era Tak would have a dialogue with Surendra Pal Joshi and Dr Ashwin Dalwi; About “cinema and visual arts.”
In Dora Alek [Director Land Your Eyes] at 1 pm; in Tivoli Screen [Golcha Cinema].
Suneeta Mishra [director of birds in flight] at 2 pm; in Tivoli Screen [Golcha Cinema].
Vendanti Daani, Pavi Trehan, Yuvraj Kumar, Vinayak Pimple [Team Inkblot] Therefore, 11 AM; These blue screen [Golcha Cinema].
Gorune APRIKIAN [director just came Fling] Therefore, 4:30 pm; These blue screen [Golcha Cinema].

Film screening -
Screen 1 – Tivoli
11 AM to 1 PM – Mascara / were grinding agency / Quira.
1 to 2 PM – Your Eyes / Bltshers the land.
2 PM to 4 PM – Jai Jai Hind / Birds in Flight / Fshi / End Unsung / were Reform / Love Sex and Side Effects / Flyed / Happy building.
4:15 to 6:15 – Pow: Point of View.
6:15 to 8:15 – in the shadow OF Mother Tree.
8:15 to 10:45 – Naani Bai Ro Maayro.

Screen 2 – Neil
11 to 1 PM – thinking / How to Save Your Best Friend / Idakblot / jobs / Framed / TWO Balloons / Humanity with Little Friends.
1:15 PM to 4 PM – Andre Draux Aux / Teen Aur Aadha.
4:15 PM to 6:15 PM – Pahad Gatha / Just come Fling / return OF Goddess were.
6:30 PM to 9 PM – Idargraned / Half Widow / Bhur.
Payable Stay court; film Half Widow would not be shown.

Screen 3 - Manipal University
10:30 AM to 1 PM – Fuy: in the circle OF TIME.
1:15 PM to 3 PM – Girl in Red / Shades / Chhoti Si Guzarish / Moonlight Princess.
3:15 PM to 5 PM – Mother / Happy Birthday Mango! / Ma Terre [My Ground] / Angel OF Anywhere / Fated / Kadwi Hawa Badlo / Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times.

Film Festival JIFF 2018 grand debut

While cine – personalities of the world, on the other hand eager cine lovers. Enthusiasm, the joy and the whole preparations cine world, the grand launch of Film Festival JIFF 2018. Golchha Cinema [Jaipur] in the next four days, many women had debuted in the performance of national – international films.

Deep – ignition doing, went to the film festival, where Surendra Bohra stage, Rajiv Arora, Sandeep Sancheti [President, Manipal University], Mark planes, Ziff founder jaw present day. The Film Daily jaw coordinator of the festival, has welcomed the guests on stage. Jaw Rose shared experience about the journey of a decade of Ziff. He said that national – prompting the international Filkaron inspires only keep them organized JIFF, and he felt proud of this successful journey. Jaw said popular film aims to bring the JIFF instead of stars, the people with real actors of the films.

In that order, the Ziff, came Gorune Aprikian, UK, France Katrina Filippo, Paul cartridge from the UK, Dora from Hungary Alec, Finland silver Oleniys, Frisbi Philippa UK; The Chandra Shekhar, Vivek was honored Sharma and ash Pandey.
With the program’s grand opening, Surendra Bohra was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Surendra Bohra Hindi to the cinema – known producer and director. Delhi was the first Produsd Marwari film Bohra, who started the distribution of Rajasthan - mother Mane why Prnai. However, Rishi Kapoor and the film Sajan house adorned starring Juhi Chawla, he began traveling film – directed, which continued.

Surendra Bohra said Congratulating JIFF that it is better than any international film festival because it is the task of delivering connected to ground filmmakers to the audience. Bohra said that the biggest prize of the Lifetime Achievement Award, life for them.

Sandeep Sancheti commended for Ziff the grand event of the film festival. As well as, the film arrived when, thanks to the audience.

Rajiv Arora told the forum that it is a special moment for them. He said Ziff like through the film festival, will arrive from all over the world diverse films, Jaipur residents.
6 pm, Hindi was the screening of the film says in English. Harish Vyas was acting in direct say in English the whole team – ekavali Khanna, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Pankaj Tripathi, Brijendra black, Anshuman Jha and on Ishipta Chakraborty forum.

They reach audiences in large numbers through the JIFF’s thankful his film, the stage that said the actors involved in the film.

Film director does Harish Vyas said that revolves – around Yashwant Batra says in English, almost 50 years, which is romantic Kwayden of all kinds to placate his wife. It is exciting to watch that Yashwant in middle age, he does things and acts, which saw often youth.

This is the 10th successful conduct of JIFF 2018. This time JIFF 2018 is dedicated to Rajasthan. Over the next five days, Golchha cinema screened at Manipal University, cinematographic dialogue, will continue to hold discussions and other artistic activities. Native – with the performance of foreign films, open dialogue with the filmmakers will continue.
Program For the entire information - Wwwkjiffindiakorg

Glimpse of upcoming events -

11 pm Jan. 7 – God honey will discuss the life and times of the sword, Hasrat Jaipuri. 12:30 pm – Rakesh gogna web series and mobile movie will teach the tricks of making. 2 pm – Art Era Tak, Surendra Pal Joshi under the camp and Dr. Ashwin will discuss cinema Dalvi and Vijuvl art.

Golchha Cinema [Tivoli screen] Land Me Your Eyes director Dora elk from 1pm, and Birds 2 pm Director Sunita Mishra in flight, the question – the answer will be continued.

On the other hand, Golchha Cinema [Nile TV] associated with the film Inkblottheologian Dani, are invited to Pvi Trehan, Prince Kumar and Vinayak Pimpalgaon, 11 pm audience. 4: 30 pm Just a Fling director will talk to Gorune Aprikian, movie buffs.

Will showcase these films - [Screen 1 Tivoli - Golchha Movies]
On the second day – 11 am to 1 pm – mascara, the Peace Agency, Kvira.
1 to 2 pm – Land Me Your Eyes, Baltajrs.
2 to 4 pm – Jai Jai Hindustan, birds in flight, Pashi, and Ansng, the Reform, Love sex and site effects, plaid, happy building.
From 4:15 6:15 – pow: Point of View.
6:15 8:15 – In the Shadow of the mother tree.
From 10:45 – Nani Bai Ro Miró 8:15.

Will showcase these films - [Screen 2 Nile - Golchha Movies]
On the second day – 11 am to 1 pm – thinking, How To Save Your Best Friend, Inkblot, jobs, Framed, to balloons, Humanity with Little Friend.
1:15 to 4 pm -antra Docs Ox, three and a half.
4:15 6:15 – mountain saga, just a fling, Return of the Goddess.
6:30 to 9 pm – Ingrend, half widow and brown.
Incidentally, due to court stay, the film can not be performed half windows.

Will showcase these films - [Screen 3 Manipal University]
On the second day – from 10:30 to 1 pm – Puya: in the circle of time.
1:15 to 3 pm – Girl in red, shades, small request, Moonlight Princess.
3:15 am to 5 pm – Mother, Happy Birthday Mango My Ground, Angel of Aniveyr, Feted, bitter wind change, to Strangers Hu meet five times.

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