Hip transplant gives a new lease of life to a bed ridden failed Revision Hip Replacement in TB Hip Patient this new year.


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Bed ridden for last eight months and suffering for over a decade now, YM Shaikh, a Mumbai resident, was relived from his painful long journey. An advanced hip surgery was performed at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital that required importing a complete hip socket ( size 70) with special locking system from US.   A team of highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons led by Dr.Pradeep Bhosale performed the complicated surgery.He can now celebrate and bring in the new year with his family.

Shaikh was living a normal and active life. Unfortunately in 1998 he met an accident and his hip socket was dislocated. He weighed 100 kg then and with dislocation his painful journey began. He initially ignored the pain that led to the pus formation. The initial X Rays also did not show anything. Due to the increase in pain in one leg, he shifted his body weight on another leg leading to increase in pain in the other leg as well.

Shaikh came to Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital after he tried several other hospitals in Mumbai. He had developed TB Arthritis. In most cases of TB Arthritis, hip replacement is not possible. However, Dr. Pradeep Bhosale with his past research and expertise knew that in certain cases with TB Arthirits, hip replacement is possible. In 2007 he was operated at the Mumbai hospital.

The life span of the hip replacement normally goes upto10 years. However, the bone density and bone quality of the patient had deteriorated over the years and hence the hip socket had become loose. The patient consulted another doctor, however, the surgery was unsuccessful and he was bed ridden again. This resulted in Shaikh coming back to Nanavati Hospital again.

For Dr Pradeep Bhosale, who is Director of Arthritis and Joint Replacement Surgery  ( Orthopaedics Department ) at Nanavati Hospital, the case was a big challenge.  He knew the patient and his condition well.

After admission, Shiakh was diagnosed with old operated left hip dislocation with distortion of previous hip sockety with large bone defect.  “The surgery is designed to relieve arthritic pain and help patients walk and exercise again with better range of motion,” Dr Bhosale said.

“To give a new lease of life to the patient, we had to  special attention with advanced procedure. We got a complete new hip  with uncemented socket imported from US. This socket was specially made with the large size  (70mm) required for the patient. With the special locking system in the socket to prevent hip dislocation along with reconstruction of Bone defect using TATA Hospital Bone Bank bone.” he added.

Understanding his economic condition, the Hospital provided him the treatment free under its social responsibility. “My friends and family are glad that I am back in action again. I am very grateful to Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital and Dr. Pradeep Bhosale for providing me free treatment that incured a high-end surgical procedure. It is certainly a new lease on life for me,” said Shaikh after being discharged from the Hospital recently.

His failed revision hip surgery done outside had many challenges to achieve success such as prior multiple surgeries, large bone defect, pre-existing dislocation of long duration with contracted soft tissues, difficulty in removing failed hip socket and prevent dislocation . The doctors at Nanavati Hospital  were able to over come these complications and give the best solution to the patient that not only gave Shaikh the strength to walk again but also a grand reason to celebrate this New Year.

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